How To Save On Promotional Items

One of the marketing goals of any business is to entice or trigger their prospect’s buying decision. While there are many strategies to attain this, one effective method is distributing branded merchandise items. This old but gold marketing trick has worked wonders for many companies from the past until now.  

Even if promotional items are cheaper than other traditional and digital marketing methods, the fact remains true: you need to spend some money on them. Ordering promotional products from Tee Junction or other suppliers and providers requires your business investment. Hence, it makes sense to take your decisions seriously.  

If you’re looking for ways to save on your promotional items, consider the steps below:  

  1. Plan And Order Early   

Consider several months in the future when planning a promotional campaign. Are there any significant events that your company should join or host? It’s best to schedule everything in advance, as this will give you ample time to plan and prepare everything. Having an idea of what’s coming up will help you order your promotional products with confidence. The vendor will also have enough to collaborate and accommodate your needs.   

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Aside from making everything smooth and organized, you may be able to get early bird discounts for your promotional items. For instance, ordering holiday items early means you can pay for a cheaper unit price since the supplier is not yet in a rush. Needless to say, early ordering saves you money. Not to mention, it’s also an effective way to boost brand awareness.   

  1. Purchase In Bulk   

If you’re planning to hold a promotion for a long and continuous time, purchasing them in bulk is worth considering. Suppliers of promotional products Melbourne or anywhere else usually offer bulk discount pricing upfront if you want to save more. You can stock up on your promotional items and distribute them slowly to your target audience.  

However, there are some points to remember in this tip. It’s best not to add any date to your merchandise. Whether you’re printing shirts, pens, mugs, or other items, don’t include dates on them, so you can still distribute them all year long. Invest in promotional items that feature only your logo and contact information, and you can use these items for multiple events.  

Buy items that can be used for multiple purposes. Choose promotional products that won’t ever go out of style or trend. Instead of going for items that only have a brief demand, go for items that will remain useful in your users’ daily lives. Stay out of seasonal products too. Make your brand more accessible by buying something everyone can use.  

  1. Consider The Best Shipping Method   

Promo products can be expensive, but shipping can be a great way to save money, so be familiar with the best options. As you may know, the shipping costs for heavy or bulky items can be significantly higher. Rushing them could even add more costs for sure. In addition, some bulkier products mean shipment boxes need to be larger or heavier.   

Hence, when selecting the right promo items, you need to consider this factor. Some of them could easily get broken and are fragile, so they need to be double packaged or used with more protective layers. As a result, the weight and size of the package increase even more.   

In order to reduce shipping distance, many consumers feel they must purchase promotional products from a local supplier. While this is good advice, another option is to work with an international vendor with a reasonable shipping fee offer. Don’t fall trap to very low and unrealistic prices for the merchandise items because, in most cases, they’ll jock up the shipment costs, which will add up to a more expensive total amount for your purchase.   

It is recommended that you ask for a shipping estimate to avoid this scam. There may be some variation in shipping based on packaging, but the estimate should be close to reality. Choose a supplier that is transparent with their cost breakdowns.   

  1. Stay On The Lookout For Promotions   

While creating promotions, your suppliers and vendors will do the same too. So be alert to their discounts and vouchers. Get notified of their promotional and discounted offers by signing up for their newsletters. Additionally, they offer product information, tips, and special discounts to loyal customers like you.   

  1. Be Specific About Who To Target   

Some business owners might not understand why this last tip will result in you saving money, but it’s also part of it. When you know who to target, you’ll save money by not wasting your time and effort to distribute items to people who have zero chance of becoming your customer. You need to qualify your recipients ahead.   

Think about what you are trying to accomplish and what action you are trying to create. You can reduce the number of items you need to purchase if you qualify your recipients to a smaller group. As much as you want to target everyone, this may be an inexpensive and unrealistic route.  


Hopefully, these ideas above have helped you gain insights into saving money on promotional products. Branded merchandise will continue to be an effective marketing strategy for modern businesses until today. And in order to achieve business goals and cut costs, it’s best to apply helpful tips like the ones in this article.