How to Prepare for Your First Out-Of-State Move

Are you getting ready for your first out-of-state move? Make sure you take a look at this guide to learn everything you need to know!

Are you preparing for an out-of-state move? Are you wondering which moving tips you should be keeping in mind?

Believe it or not, moving to a new location comes with a number of benefits. You will have a chance to make new friends, gain a different perspective, and even reinvent your career. Yet it’s important not to move without planning carefully.

Here’s what’s different about out-of-state moving prep.

Find A Great Agent

If you’re moving to a new state, it’s critical to find a real estate agent who knows your new area well. You may not be aware of which neighborhoods are the safest or which ones you can afford. 

For example, qualified agents like those at can help you sort out the many beautiful pockets of Alexandria, VA. The right agent can also fill the gaps with skills you don’t have, such as negotiating and paperwork. Since it won’t cost you any more money, it pays to hire an agent who knows your future city well.

Think About Your Budget

Your new neighborhood may be great, but it may have different costs in terms of monthly needs such as utilities and groceries. Make sure you find out the average cost of these items before you settle on a place to live.

Remember that you’re daily living expenses will include things like your mortgage, taxes, and transportation expenses. Create a simple budgeting spreadsheet. This can help you figure out what you can afford in terms of housing.

Pay A Visit

Some cities may sound heavenly once you read about their vibes and amenities. However, walking the streets in person may provide you with an entirely different impression. 

Before paying a visit, write down the names of neighborhoods that interest you. Make sure you check out some open houses and popular attractions to see if you are really interested in settling there.

It also pays to interview some of the locals, even if this has to be done on social media. Ask them what they love about their area, and what they would change. This can also be a great way to get tips on affordable transportation or nightlife.

Update All Of Your Accounts

You’ll want to make sure you have Wifi, television, and running water when you get to your new home. Before you move, make sure you call all of the appropriate companies and get them hooked up. If you aren’t sure which companies to call for which services, contact your real estate agent.

Get A New Driver’s License And Register To Vote

Many states will require that you update your driver’s license in a certain amount of time. This will also allow you to get permission to vote in your new state

Preparing For Your Out-of-State Move

If you’re getting ready for an out-of-state move, you won’t want to be overwhelmed by your to-do list at the last minute. Make sure you take steps early to make sure you’re ready to settle into your new life without a hassle.

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