Comfy, Cozy Lofts: How Do I Make My Loft Feel Cozy?

Do you have a loft? They are the ultimate modern room that can serve lots of functions in your house. If you have a young teenage son this can very much be his space or you can host family gatherings here whilst still retaining the lounge downstairs.

But how should you decorate your loft space? We all want cozy lofts rather than cold uninviting spaces.

So what kinds of furniture and designs can you place in your cozy loft room to make it more homely? Here’s everything you need to know. 

1. Beanbags and Comfy Chairs

One way to make your loft cozy is to ensure that you use lots of beanbags and comfy chairs so that the whole experience feels comfortable. 

You want space for lots of people up here so you can feel at home and can also host parties away from the rest of the house. 

Plus it’s no secret that cozy lofts often have low ceilings so you’ll need some innovative ways of laying out chairs without cramping the room or forcing the taller guests to hit their head.

Choose the color of your beanbags carefully: if you have dark colors in your room then you might want light beanbags to contrast them. Some beanbags also have higher backs and don’t slump as much which might also play to your favor.

2. Minimalist Feelings 

We live in an age of information where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed all the time, from social media to rolling news.

The fact is we don’t want to bring that toxicity to our living spaces; we need to remind ourselves and comfort ourselves that the world is real and not lived out online. The best way to do that is to create a nice minimalist space with not too much clutter.

If you have lots of things lying around then create neutral drawers for them, white-washed and built into the walls so that they are barely visible. 

Think about what goes on the floor such as rugs that can complement the white-washed walls. This minimalist space can also give you room for the kind of sofa that you want rather than having to compromise. 

If you want an example of a minimalist loft space then check out Susan Sarandon’s New York loft which was for sale.

3. Neutral Tones

Another way of decorating your cozy lifts is to dress it up in neutral colors. Forget purple or blue or even yellow. You want to go with mellow colors that are not too garish to the eye. 

If you have lots of windows in your cozy loft room – as well you should – then you want to let this light bleed in; the sunlight or the clouds outside can be your color scheme.

Consider dark brown sofas,  cream, or even greys when you are decorating and choosing your furniture. 

4. A Tech Lover’s Paradise 

Aloft is often divorced from the rest of the house because it’s on the third floor and is usually accessed by a separate staircase.

While you might want to escape up here from some peace and quiet there’s no reason why you can’t use technology to help you stay connected with the rest of the house and the world.

Consider installing a smart speaker and smart home equipment. If your house is connected with smart speakers you can connect with other family members without having to race downstairs.

You can also set the mood of your cozy loft apartment with one easy voice command: the lights could dim and calming music could play at your command. And then with another command, the disco ball could come out and the music could transition into something more lively. 

If you need more inspiration then be sure to check out the best lofts in Toronto.

5. Gaming Den

A loft space can also be used as a great gaming den. It’s away from the rest of the house so you can sneak away and not have to worry about tidying away wires as you would do if you had your gaming station upstairs in the loft room.

Get yourself a comfy sofa that you like to sit on and also a gaming chair that fits in with the color scheme of your attic. The TV is also vitally important. It’s tempting to buy the biggest one you can find but that could spoil the cozy loft room feel.

Alongside the sofa, also consider a gaming chair, they have become acceptable in modern interior design in recent years.

You want a TV that doesn’t overpower you and one that doesn’t hurt your eyes when you look at it in your cozy loft bedroom. You might be better getting a smaller television that you can hang on a bracket. The money that you save on a smaller television you could spend on higher specs and features or a games console. 

If you are someone who likes to have all the game consoles to play make sure you find a way to store them all without them all cluttering up the floor or the cabinet underneath your TV.

Consider purchasing speakers that integrate into the rest of your cozy loft bedroom or buy covers for them so they don’t stand out. 

Cozy Lofts: Go With Your Gut

Cozy lofts are what we should all crave in our homes: a tranquil space away from the chaos and craziness of the rest of the house. But to achieve you need to think about what makes you calm.

It’s more than just about calm colors. It’s about whether you want an empty space to sit and reflect in peace or whether you want a gaming den to hang out with your mates on a rainy day.

If you are interested in reading more about cozy lofts be sure to check out the rest of our site.