How to Keep Your House Clean: 5 Crucial Tips

It is important to keep your house clean, but how can you do it? This guide explains 5 crucial tips on how to keep your house clean.

Did you know that 33% of people don’t think they clean their house enough? 1 in 4 people doesn’t think they clean things properly. 

23% of people can’t remember when they washed their bed sheets last. While 20% of people say they’ve never cleaned their washing machine. 

Keeping their homes clean makes people 18% happier while 36% of people who clean their homes feel more accomplished. 

Are you wondering how to keep your house clean? Check out the list below for some helpful tips. 

1. Put Things Away After Using Them 

The first and most important on this list of house cleaning tips is to put things away after using them. This will prevent a mess from building until it becomes too big. 

The bigger the mess, the harder it is to pick up. If you put away toys and books after using them you won’t have to worry about putting everything away at once. Have some storage bins around to keep things organized too. 

2. Create a House Cleaning Schedule 

It’s important to have a house cleaning checklist for chores that need to be completed each week. This makes cleaning easier to get done because you’re more likely to stay on a schedule this way. 

Have a list of daily cleaning you do like washing the dishes and wiping down the countertops. You can leave the deep cleaning for the weekend. Make sure to include vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms on your list. 

3. Leave Shoes at the Door 

Cleaning your house regularly will keep it clean but one thing that ensures it’ll remain as clean as possible is leaving shoes by the door. When you leave the house you step through germs, leaves, and dirt. 

By taking your shoes off before walking into the house you’ll prevent bringing in all that dirt into your home. One other thing you can do is find the best doormat so people can wipe their feet before walking in. Check out some quality doormats at

4. Make Your Bed in the Morning 

While most people won’t see your bed when they come into your home, making it each morning will keep your house clean. A made bed makes your bedroom look more organized. 

Make sure you’re washing and changing your sheets at least once a week too. 

5. Take Care of the Laundry Each Week

If you have a large family, laundry can pile up quickly. An overflowing laundry basket can make your home look messy. Spending a whole day washing load after load can get tiring and folding the laundry might take a little longer than expected. 

Avoid leaving the pile of clean laundry you haven’t folded on your bed by doing a few loads each week or one per day. 

Tips for How to Keep Your House Clean 

This guide for how to keep your house clean has some great tips so you won’t have to suffer from a messy house again. Make sure to create a cleaning schedule to keep up with your chores. 

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