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How to Improve Your Dog’s Health and Reduce the Risk of DCM

How to Improve Your Dog’s Health and Reduce the Risk of DCM

No matter if you’re attempting to reduce the likelihood of canine DCM or treat your dog’s food-related allergies, there are things that you can start doing as a pet owner to improve your pup’s overall well-being. In addition to giving your furry friend the love and affection it deserves, there’s a lot more you can do as a pet owner to promote a healthy lifestyle for your canine. Here’s what you need to know.

Focus on Good Nutrition Before Anything Else

Just for one second, consider how the human body operates. It is fueled by foods that are consumed each and every day. Focusing on a nutritional diet is the best way to live a healthy life. The exact same thing is true for canines. This is something that many humans don’t realize, and they merely assume that all dog food brands are created equal.

Each dog food brand is unique when it comes to the ingredients used. Some pet food manufacturers place a focus on only high-quality ingredients, while others cut the kibble with cheap fillers in order to create the product as inexpensively as possible. Cheap dog food isn’t doing your pet any favors. In fact, choosing a food for your dog based on low price could end up costing you a great deal in vet bills, and it might even shorten your dog’s life significantly.

Regular Exercise is a Must for Your Canine

Similar to humans, dogs need exercise. This doesn’t just mean taking the dog out for a 3-minute walk every morning. Squeezing in time for the dog to exercise might feel like a challenge, especially when you don’t even have time to make it to the gym yourself. But whatever you do, try to set aside some time each day for the dog park or a long walk. If this is entirely out of the question, you might consider hiring a dog walker or ask a friend or family member to help out.

Dogs Need Social Time Too

Did you know that dogs are extremely social creatures? Some experts believe that they are even more social than human beings. Just consider how packs of wolves live in the wild. As a member of a wolf pack, a dog forms unbreakable bonds with its packmates. Although your dog isn’t a wolf living in the wild, it still needs to socialize.

The worst-behaved dogs are often the ones that do not socialize with other dogs. They bark as soon as a dog walks by, or even worse, they bite. As a pet owner, you can prevent this type of behavior by allowing your dog to socialize with other pups. It might sound strange, but consider setting up a puppy playdate with a neighbor. Or, simply head to the local dog park.

Give Your Dog Lots of Love

Not only does your dog need to socialize with others of its kind, but it also needs to develop a strong connection with its pet owner. Cuddling up to your dog and showing it love and affection has actually been proven to improve a dog’s health. On the flip side, connecting with a canine is an amazing way to improve your own wellbeing.

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