How to Help Your Business Succeed During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused extreme turmoil in most businesses. At a time where there has been so many challenges lately for business owners, the current disruption in normal business operations has been catastrophic. Yes those businesses who either were set up as online enterprises or who had an existing portion of their business set up online have done well during this time, but other companies who were not so lucky have struggled. Many are paralyzed from the fear of not being able to get their businesses moving again. 

Although times are certainly tough, there are many examples of companies that have met the challenge of surviving during the pandemic. Many of them are using social media to help sustain and even build their businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Understanding their approaches and activities can provide a blueprint for any business.

Here are a few of the things successful businesses are doing, and what your company should do as well. 

Rethink Your Products and Services

Take a hard look at what you sell and determine if those products and services will be desirable in a Covid and post-Covid world. Many companies provide products and services that simply do not fit going forward. If this is the case with your company consider finding new products or repackaging your products and services in a way that fits into the new normal world. For example if you have a service that demands close contact for long periods, see if you can deliver this service in a way that minimizes human contact or that can protect your employees and customers. You will likely have to get creative, but today there are many companies that have strategies to assist. So do your research.

Look Into Home Delivery

If you have a business that is dependent on foot traffic or face to face interactions with customers, work with your team to come up with ways to supply customers without coming in contact with them. Setting up an online presence is the obvious choice, but depending on your products you might also need to create an ability to deliver your goods to them. Today there are lots of delivery services that can create a strategy for you to do this. You can create your own app or even integrate with existing delivery service apps so that your customers know that you will come to them. 

Use Social Media to Keep Your Business Relevant With Customers

One of the benefits of social media is that it gives you direct access to your customers and potential customers through devices that have become more popular during the pandemic. Today people are constantly attached to their phones and the internet and nearly all of them are on social media platforms. Use this fact to interact.

Focus on making sure that you provide updated information about your company, its status, new products or services and any adjustments you have made during the pandemic. Remember you need to be gentle when you interact and not be too pushy about sales because people are hurting right now and sales pushes might come off as insensitive. Focus instead on how your products and services can provide a benefit during this time. Provide lots of good information about pandemic services and send uplifting stories to lift people’s spirits. Also make sure to solicit their opinions and provide them with benefits for interacting with you. 

Social media is about creating communities. Make your business an integral part of the community and people will find your company valuable. 

Sue these tips to support your business during this difficult time. With some creativity and persistence you can make it through.