How To Grow Long and Healthy Lashes (At Home)


Without a doubt, the Eyelashes are one of the face’s most underappreciated yet overappreciated features.

Besides the beauty statement, the eyelashes shield the eyes from light debris. They also function as sensors, alerting the eyes to the potential danger when objects approach. Meanwhile, check out best online pokies for real money for some fun.

If you’re tired of always using lash extensions, there are several home treatments you can use to get longer and thicker eyelashes. Various techniques and beauty products can help you grow thicker and longer eyelashes. But with these tips, you can grow your eyelashes longer and thicker at home.

Take a break from makeup: 

Thick coats of mascara and heavy lash extensions put pressure on the hair follicles, causing the lashes to become damaged. Take a makeup break once a week to allow your eyelashes to rejuvenate. If you have itchy, irritated eyes and dry eyelashes, try going makeup-free for a few days or weeks. Limit your use of eyelash curlers and false lashes, which weaken and cause hairs to fall out.

Maintain a healthy diet. Making dietary changes can also help your eyelash health. Foods that promote hair growth and contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, leafy greens, and avocado, provide your eyelashes with the nutrients they require to grow thick and strong.

Brush your lashes: 

Brush your eyelashes gently with a spoolie or clean mascara wand. Brushing your lashes untangles the lash hairs, allowing them to grow straight. You can also use a lash comb to remove any remaining dirt or dust from your lash hairs.

Always remove makeup and dirt with water: 

Use a gentle makeup remover, such as micellar water to remove your eye makeup. To remove your eye makeup thoroughly, soak a cotton ball in the solution and press the pad against your eye for ten seconds. Avoid tugging your lashes and use gentle motions. Oil-based cleansers help remove makeup and dirt while hydrating and moisturizing the lashes. Makeup and dirt buildup can irritate and dry your lashes, causing eye infections and lash loss. Wash your face every day to promote eyelash health.

Apply lash growth serum: 

For more severe cases like hair loss, use a growth serum to treat hair and grow longer lashes. Lash serums, formulated with nutrients that promote hair growth, such as peptides and antioxidants, help stimulate growth, resulting in healthy, long eyelashes. Swipe the wand of an eyelash growth serum across your lash line to apply it. Before incorporating a new eyelash serum into your beauty routine, consult your dermatologist or eye doctor. And do well to place a stake on best online casinos south africa.