How to Get In the Mood for Sex

Being in the right mood for sex is important. This guide will talk you through everything you can do to get yourself into the right frame of mind.

As we get older, it’s only natural to have a lower sex drive. Most men hit their sexual peak between their late teens and early 20s. Women, on the other hand, hit their sexual peak between their late 30s and early 40s. 

However, a lull in your sex life might not have anything to do with age. You could have a low libido for other reasons. In some cases, your situation could be completely circumstantial. 

If you’re not in the mood for sex, it could come down to external factors. Perhaps you or your partner have stopped trying to be sexy for one another. Perhaps your relationship is lacking romance. 

Regardless of why your lovemaking has taken a hit lately, we can help. Keep reading for our top tips for getting in the mood for sex. 

Add Some Romance to Your Life

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to get in the mood for sex is because they don’t feel that special connection with their partner. It’s all too easy to get consumed in work, hobbies, and our other obligations. Unfortunately, these things take away precious time and energy from your romantic relationship.

By spending time with the intention of being more romantic with your partner, you can learn how to increase the mood for sex. You and your spouse will feel more important to one another. More importantly, you’ll feel more desired by one another.

Indulge in Sexy Books, TV Shows, and Movies

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration when we’re not in the mood for sex. Fortunately, “big media” knows this and capitalizes on it at every turn. There are countless books, TV shows, and movies out there teeming with sultry content. 

We’re not saying you need to start watching porn. You might have ethical concerns about pornography. It can also lead to conflicts in your relationship.

Instead, find some spicy books, shows, or movies to watch with your partner. 

Spend More Time On Foreplay

Foreplay is one of the most fundamental parts of lovemaking. It’s also essential for getting in the mood for sex. 

Traditionally, women take longer to get turned on and ready for sex. However, there are plenty of men who also appreciate the affection and attention involved in foreplay. 

If you want better sex, spend time getting turned on by kissing, caressing, massaging, and more.

Experiment With Oils and Lotions

Finally, learning how to get in the mood for sex can be as simple as touching one another. We already talked about foreplay, but there are ways to increase pleasure and organic affection for one another through rubbing and massage. 

We’re talking about oils and lotions for sexual wellness. Using oils and lotions gives you and your partner a reason to touch one another and increase your intimacy in the moment. The scents of these mood-boosting oils will also improve your sex drive. 

Want to Get in the Mood for Sex?

If you are worried about the future of your sex life, you can see that there are plenty of proactive steps you can take to make improvements. If you love your partner, don’t give up on your sex life until you’ve tried everything to get you and him/her in the mood for sex. 

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