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How to Choose the Right Storefront Sign For Your Business

How to Choose the Right Storefront Sign For Your Business

The average consumer spends over $5,000 a year on spontaneous impulse shopping. To attract customers into your store on a whim, you need an attractive storefront sign to captivate their attention.

Impulse buyers aren’t the only kinds of customers your storefront sign can help engage. Even meticulous shoppers need to identify your store from all the other businesses on your block.

Storefront signs have many purposes for your business. The best ones look professional and catch the eye. So how can you find the best storefront sign? Read on to learn the basics of choosing a storefront sign.


One of the most important factors of your sign is how legible its script is. No matter how cool of a design your sign has, it’s useless if no one can read it. Choose fonts and colors that promote legibility.

Avoid putting light text colors on light backgrounds or dark text colors on dark backgrounds. Make your font size large enough to read. Avoid script fonts unless they are legible, and make sure your sign can be read from a distance.

Size of Your Storefront Sign

Too small of a sign may not grab the attention of potential customers. It also may not be legible from a distance. Ensure that your sign is large enough to be read by customers across the street from your business.

Too large of a sign can be overkill for a small storefront. It may detract from other aspects of your business, like facades, or look awkward. Larger signs are also more expensive. Choose a sign that is not too big or too small.

Choose a Professional Design

Don’t attempt to make your sign on your own. A homemade sign will not have the professional design characteristics that your business needs to look professional. Your storefront sign is one of the first things people notice.

Make a good first impression by getting your sign made by a professional storefront sign company. The right storefront sign firm can make an aesthetically pleasing sign. Check out this sign company for examples.

Choose a Sign Made From Quality Materials

You want your sign to be built to last. Make sure that you have a sign that is capable of withstanding the elements and the test of time. If you live in cold or wet climates, ensure that your sign is made from waterproof materials.

For warmer sunnier climates, make sure its paint and gloss won’t fade under the harsh rays of the sun. Don’t try to save money on your sign by buying one made from cheap materials. You will have to replace it more often.

Your Storefront Sign Matters

You need a storefront sign that showcases the professionalism of your business. It needs to be eye-catching enough to draw in customers and legible enough for people to read. It also needs to be built strong to last long.

Use the information in this guide to choose the best possible storefront sign for your business. For other important news and information like this article, check back with our website again soon at your convenience.