How Often Should You Buy New Bedding?


What’s your favorite activity to do in bed? 

However you chose to answer that question, take a moment to think about what that means for your poor sheets! From sweat to saliva to crumbs, our bed sheets take a lot of abuse, and your comforter set has seen some things!

Do you think it might be time to pick up some new bedding? 

We know that it can be costly to replace sheets, especially if you have a larger mattress. Ultimately, however, new bed sheets can ensure that you are staying healthy and getting the best sleep possible. In our minds, that’s worth the expense! 

How do you know when it’s time to buy new sheets? Keep reading to learn the telltale signs that your bedding is on its way out! 

Your Pillow Has Expired

Did you know that pillows have expiration dates? Check the tag and figure out if yours is overdue for a refresh. While high-quality pillows with down fillings will last longer, your cheap microfiber pillow is only meant to last a year or two. 

Replacing your pillow regularly is important because it’s the bedding closest to your face. If it contains mold, dust mites, or other allergens, you’re breathing those in all night long. Plus, a lumpy, distorted pillow can cause neck and back pain over time. 

Your Sheets Look Discolored

Even if you wash your sheets regularly, take a moment to notice if they look discolored or faded. This might be evidence that they have weathered many years’ worth of bodily oils and fluids! If the fibers begin breaking down due to oils or repeated washings, the sheets are no longer protecting your mattress. 

Plus, bright, new sheets look better! That can have an impact on your mood, and even your ability to fall asleep. You can find sheets for any aesthetic online at a shop like

Your Duvet Is Lumpy

Think of your duvet insert like a large pillow. The stuffing inside can go bad. If you are noticing lumps and clumps, it means the filling is beginning to break down. 

A lumpy duvet is also less warm and, therefore, less comfortable than a brand new one. You will sleep better once you’ve replaced your insert with a smoother one. You can make a duvet insert last longer if you air it out regularly. 

The same goes for your comforters. You may need to replace them more frequently because they lack removable covers. 

Have You Picked Out New Bedding Yet?

If your allergies have been acting up, or you’re just not sleeping as well as you should be, it might be time for new bedding. A simple change of sheets can even impact your mood! Spring is the perfect time for a bedroom refresh, so give your bed the makeover it deserves! 

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