Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level With Custom Bedding

On average, we spend a huge amount of time lying in bed — it may not feel like it, but most people sleep for approximately 230,000 hours throughout their lifetime. That’s one-third of the average lifespan! This is why the quality of the bed in which you sleep is so important. 

Your bedroom and its key centerpiece, your bed, should be an absolute sanctuary that you can retreat to at the end of a long day. A room that’s peaceful, comfortable, and inviting also improves your sleep hygiene, which is super important to your quality of rest. 

If you’re looking to makeover this sacred space, don’t go for any old bedding — opt for custom bedding. Check out the rest of this blog for more.

Why Choose Custom Bedding? 

If you have the budget to splash a little extra cash on your bedding, this can make all the difference to your sleep quality, too. Not only this, but it allows you to create a master bedroom that is uniquely tailored to your personal space.

Here are a few other reasons why custom bedding is worth the investment: 

1. You Can Express Your Personal Style 

Most custom bedding designers offer a huge range of top-quality fabrics, from simple cotton blends to luxurious silk options. They also tend to use well-respected fabric manufacturers. 

This means that you have a greater selection to choose from, which allows you to express your personal style without limitation. Except for your budget, of course. 

If you have a particular request, a custom bedding service, such as Vision Bedding, should be able to cater to your specific needs. Whether it’s the addition of decorative trim, unique buttons, or portrait printed cushions — you name it, they should be able to do it! 

2. You Can Achieve a High-End, Designer Look

While there is a myriad of bedding options on the market today which you can find at almost any home goods store, custom bedding allows you to achieve a perfectly coordinated, designer look that you just can’t find in-store.

After all, bedding is far more than just your sheets and a duvet cover. With custom bedding, you can coordinate all elements of your bedding, including shams, decorative pillows, the bed skirt, and more. In short, you can add as many extras as you want in order to create your ideal designer look. 

3. Custom Bedding Means Better Quality

As with most things in life, you always get what you pay for. If you’re willing to invest a little more money into your bedding, then you know that it will last you a good few years.

With custom bedding, all of your specific products are made-to-order and are one-of-a-kind. This means that extra care and attention is put into your bedding, and you’re always guaranteed a high-end product. 

How to Create Your Ultimate Designer Look With Custom Bedding

Aside from the high-quality fabric and tailoring of your custom bedding, it’s also a great way to create a bright, modern, and oh-so put-together look for your master bedroom

If you want your bedroom to look like it’s straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, custom bedding is your go-to. With so many options to choose from, you can opt for a sleek, minimally designed set of bedding, or incorporate as much texture, pattern, and color as your heart desires. 

With this in mind, here’s how to put together a chic, elegant, and high-end master bed:

1. Start With Your Duvet Cover/Comforter 

This is probably the most important element of your bedding. Your duvet cover sets the tone for the rest of your bedding and is the foundation of your overall aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern look, opt for a fitted bedspread. If you’re wanting a homier, comfortable feel, go for a fluffy comforter that’s reversible and versatile. If eye-catching detail and texture are more your vibe, go for a duvet cover with ruffles, pattern, or a corded edge. 

A few key tips to keep in mind: 

  • Remember that all mattresses are different in size, so make sure your bedding is measured, cut, and designed specifically for your mattress 
  • Take your bed frame into consideration — make sure your comforter or duvet cover fits perfectly within the frame 

When working with a custom bedding designer, you’ll be able to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful. If you’re stuck on the best types of fabrics to choose from, your designer should be able to advise based on the level of comfort you’re going for. 

Remember to have fun and be flexible when choosing fabrics! 

2. Incorporate Euro Shams 

What exactly is a Euro sham? If you’re unfamiliar with this type of bedding, it’s basically a fancy term for a decorative pillow. They are square in shape and measure about 26-inches. The point of a Euro sham is to add visual interest to your bed setup by adding volume to the back layer of your bed’s pillow design. 

When choosing the pillow inners, make sure they are full and plush for extra volume. If you’re also clueless about pillow setup, just remember that your sleeping pillows sit underneath your duvet, while the Euro shams sit on top of them for height, volume, and a luxurious feel.  

3. Carefully Consider Your Front Shams 

If you love the idea of decorative pillows on your bed, then front shams are an important addition to your pillow setup, too. In short, your front sham pillows are the star of the show. They are what bring your bed design together for its aesthetic appeal. 

Some may say they are just as important as your duvet cover because the fabric you choose provides direction for the rest of your room’s color palette and décor. 

A few tips on choosing front sham fabric: 

  • Stick to a textured or printed fabric as opposed to a solid color 
  • Use your front shams to repeat a prominent fabric in your bedroom, such as your duvet, curtains, or blinds 
  • Or, you can use your front shams as a key element of color in your room 
  • Your front shams provide an opportunity to use a fancier fabric, focus on ruffles, trim, beading, and other forms of texture 

If you have a queen-size bed, stick to just two large shams. If you have a king-size bed, you want to go for three standard-size shams. Remember that the edging of your shams can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bedroom. 

4. Don’t Forget About Accent Pillows

In order to bring the full aesthetic of your bed together, you can use accent pillows to tie everything together. The great thing about these types of pillows is that they are super versatile.

You can incorporate any number of shapes and sizes in different patterns, colors, and textures. In essence, your accent pillows are what give your bed and bedroom its character. 

As a finishing touch to your pillow layout, opt for just one or two accent pillows though — you don’t want to overkill it with pillows and create too much work for yourself when making your bed each morning!

Because you’re using just one or two of these pillows, spend a little extra on your fabric choice, use decorative trim, buttons, or cording to make it fun and interesting. Some of the more popular sizes include 16-inch by 20-inch if you’re going for two accent pillows. If you’re going for just one, stick to a square 20-inch pillow.

5. Prioritize Your Bed Skirt 

Keep in mind that if there’s one element that can really bring your bed setup together, it’s the bed skirt you choose. Don’t underestimate how important this element is. Without it, your bed will always look unfinished. 

This is yet another bedding element that ties your aesthetic together. If you’re going for a more casual look, a ruffled bed skirt is a good choice. If you prefer a tailored, modern look, then opt for a pleated bed skirt. 

If you’re unsure of what style or color to choose, your bedding designer should be able to offer some help in this department. 

6. Finish Things off With a Throw Blanket 

If your bed seems like it’s missing an element, you won’t believe what a difference a throw blanket can make. This is one of those finishing touches that you never knew you needed.

Have some fun and be creative when choosing your blanket color and texture. You may want to consider a blanket with trim, quilting, or a large, oversized knit for a warm, cozy feel. 

6 Beautiful Bedding Trends to Consider 

If you’re looking for a little bedding inspiration, then it doesn’t hurt to consider the current bedding trends that are doing the rounds right now. These trends are both beautiful and dynamic and can really create a feeling of opulence in any master bedroom. 

1. Velvet 

Long gone are the days where velvet was reserved for the kings and queens of yesteryear. It’s made a major comeback in recent years and is the ultimate indulgent fabric to consider for your custom bedding. 

Velvet is a soft, plush fabric that can be incorporated into your accent pillows, front, or Euro shams. You can also add a velvet throw blanket for a warm and inviting touch to your bed setup. 

2. Cable Knit 

Does anything look more inviting and homey than a thick cable knit blanket? But this is not the only place to incorporate this luscious material. For a vintage feel, add a couple of accent pillows in a thick or tight cable knit stitch. 

3. Down Bedding

For a truly opulent touch to your bedding, it doesn’t get any more luxurious than down. Down feathers are also very warm because they retain heat so well, so this is the perfect bedding option for winter and fall. 

For a light, fluffy, and oh-so-comfortable bed setup, opt for a satin sheet (which also holds heat well), down comforter, and down sleep pillows. Just bear in mind that down pillows are not great for those with neck problems or if you’re looking for neck support. 

Traditional down bedding is also not hypoallergenic. So if you suffer from allergies, opt for a down bedding alternative!

4. Quilted Bedding

Now, quilted bedding may seem a little old-fashioned, but there are ways to bring this type of bedding into the 21st century so you’re not replicating your grandma’s master bedroom.

The key is to go for a subtle amount of quilting which gives your bed a touch of geometric texture. Plain white quilted bedding has a super luxurious look and feel to it — you might even feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel.

5. Go Monochromatic

If you’re looking to create a restful, sleek, and elegant feel to your master bedroom, then monochrome is the way to go. Choose a basic color, such as white, light beige, light gray, or even duck egg blue for your duvet color. Then layer the rest of your bedding in different shades and tones of this color. 

Use your sham or accent pillows to add in a pop of color or texture to pull your entire look together.  

6. Patterned/Textured Bedding

You don’t have to keep things plain and simple if that’s not your style. If you’re the creative type and want to bring in rich textures or patterns to your bedroom, you’ll want to consider fabrics such as velvet, fur, and chenille. 

For a more dramatic look, go for jewel-tone colors for your duvet, then add in pops of texture and prints with your accent and sham pillows. Some popular prints right now range from florals, exotic prints, paisley print, and animal print. 

In order to create a balanced aesthetic in your bedroom, remember less is more when it comes to combining patterns and colors. 

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Custom bedding is an investment, but it’s one that you will thank yourself for when you dive into bed at the end of a long, tiring day. So, if you have the budget — go for it! 

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