Full-service Case-Hold Service From Industry Experts

Full-service Case-Hold Service From Industry Experts

The oil and gas industry has a whole array of needs that are unique to the industry itself. From offering exceptional job opportunities to requiring unique tools and having the proper knowledge of the job at hand. There is an entire learning curve for those who seek to work in the industry.

Many companies just started to offer the tools that are used in the industry. Always looking for more knowledge to create the most efficient tools that make the job easier for the employees working on rigs, wellsites, and other energy-rich locations.

Where to Go for Resources?

Because the need for resources in the oil and energy sector is so unique, many companies have tirelessly tried to solve some of the technical and logistical problems that are found in that industry. Renegade Services is just such a company. They are a provider of cased-hole services in North America.

What Does a Cased-Hold Service Provider do?

According to Cased Hole Services, a cased-hole service includes specialized skills/products that serve the oil and gas industry. It is used in oil and gas exploration, research, and production. It involves retrieving measurements in well casings by piping metal into the well during final operations.

While those who aren’t in the industry don’t understand the importance of a set of services, it is required during the life of the well and as operations close up.

Some of the services a cased-hold provider will offer include:

  • Wireline safety equipment
  • Environmental research technology
  • Checking on well integrity and evaluation
  • Production services
  • Plug and abandonment services for closing the location
  • Exemplary safety record
  • Creating advances in technology.

A Look at the Industry:

According to the Department of Energy, this sector is continually growing. Since 2016, when the DOE first started training employment in the energy industry, the need for workers has continued to increase. By the end of 2019, there were 8.4 million jobs in the energy industry in the U.S.

Before COVID-19 the energy industry was one of the fastest growing job fields. By 2020, there were 7.5 million workers due to layoffs, illness, and shutdowns. Today there is more growth in the industry.

Along with this growth comes the need for new and proven services to keep the energy sector afloat, make it a viable work option for many of those unsure of their career path, and provide new, ongoing techniques to increase growth in the industry as well as find other viable sources of energy.