Factors To Consider Before Buying a Loose Diamonds in Carrollton


Loose diamonds in Carrollton can be a good choice if you are planning to buy diamonds since they have a higher value than mounted diamonds. They can also be perfect for customized jewelry. There are several factors to consider when buying diamonds, as a buyer you should do your research and make a list of the things to check on the loose diamonds you will be buying. Familiarize yourself with diamonds before you start shopping.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Loose Diamonds in Carrollton


Number one to check on the diamond is the quality. As a buyer, it will be wise to know the basics of diamond properties. Start with the 4cs which include color, clarity, cut, and carats. Know what color grade is good enough for your diamond, nearly colorless ones are recommended since colorless ones are expensive and rare. So settling for nearly colorless is fine. For clarity, lesser flaws are better, since flawless diamonds are rare and expensive too. For the cut, getting an excellent cut will be best. Deal with diamond dealers who have skilled diamond cutters, especially if you will be buying loose diamonds. Last is the carat, take note that diamonds are priced per carat so make sure to know the range of carats you can afford.


Setting a budget so you can choose from a price range of loose diamonds can make it convenient and easier for you to make a choice. Know the market price so you can use it as a basis for the price being offered is on the average or they are overpricing. Plus familiarizing yourself with the market price of diamonds can come in handy once you negotiate with your diamond dealer.

Diamond Dealer

Choosing the best diamond dealer in Carrollton can be a big factor in buying loose diamonds. So finding the best diamond dealer should be on your list since they can be the one to lead you to the diamond you are looking for.

How To Find a Reputable Loose Diamond Dealer in Carrollton

Check on Their Reputation

Diamond dealers with a good reputation can offer high-quality diamonds at a good price. Know the background and of the diamond and declare you will be dealt with. Checking on their credentials such as license and permit to make sure they are operating legally. Plus checking on previous customers’ feedback can let you weigh if they have excellent customer service ratings. YOu can also read here if their diamonds are truly of good quality.

Know Their Exchange and Return Policy

Unexpected circumstances can not be avoided, so to be safe after purchasing the diamond. Ask your diamond dealer about their exchange and return policy so you will know how to deal with your purchase just in case there will be a concern after your purchase.

What is a Loose Diamond?

Loose diamonds are diamonds that have been cut and polished but not yet mounted to any metal. Loose diamonds are ready to be mounted on jewelry settings and the best part about loose diamonds so they can be evaluated in each corner since they are not mounted yet, therefore they hold a higher value.

Are loose Diamonds cheaper in Carrollton?

Loose diamonds are still priced per carat however they are better since you get to see the dead as a whole compared to when you buy a diamond that is already mounted on metal. And since diamonds are usually sold at wholesale stores you can get them at a more affordable price compared to buying them from retail stores.

Do Loose Diamonds Hold Value?

Loose diamonds are also graded according to the 4cs the only difference is they are graded well compared with diamonds on a pre-set diamond ring for instance. The diamonds on the pre-set ring have corners that can not be seen, compared with loose diamonds where every corner can be evaluated, all the flaws can be seen and it can be evaluated well. The loose diamond’s value depends on what 4c grades it has and if they are rare or not.

Having a list of factors to consider before buying loose diamonds in Carrollton can help you get the diamond you want at a reasonable price. Diamonds are pricey despite being sold in the wholesale store or retail store so better do some research before getting one.