history of human communication

Nature is inhabited by a number of species, and we all share this planet with each other. Until now, scientists are not able to find another planet in the solar system with the possibility of intelligent life on it. It seems like ours is the only one yet.

Among so many other species of plants and animals, some species are considered to have thinking capabilities and have evolved into having a mind of their own which not only helps them to survive and beware of the dangers around; it also allows them to think wisely and use their intelligence beyond logic.

Human beings are intelligent and are considered to be social animals. By social animals, it is meant that humans live by being a part of the society that consists of other human beings, and communication is known to be a very important part of being socially driven to live a happy life.

In the early days, people started communicating in very basic ways like signs and now through a transactional email API. In the field of development and advancements through technology and science, human beings have surely come very far and continue to reach newer heights of excellence.


If one is interested in history and archaeology, they know that human beings have developed after years of evolution. The DNA seems to be very close to the DNA of chimpanzees, and it is believed that the very old ancestors were probably descendants of monkey species.

It is no surprise because most of the features and physical traits are also very similar to the chimpanzees as seen even today. Biological evolution has not just developed our minds; it has also allowed us to be masters of the planet by scientific developments and efficient methods of surviving and communicating with our fellow humans.

Today we have very efficient tools and ways of communicating with each other. One can even build softwares to communicate important messages to a person for example, transactional email API.

In the beginning, it was all about survival and humans were interested in understanding the easier ways to survive among the fast changing and competitive nature. The earliest modes of communication were mostly carvings and paintings in the cave walls, where our great ancestors drew symbols and pictures to convey their messages or ideas.


Next came the making of languages and symbols which were then used to depict ideas that could be understood by anyone who knew the details of the symbols used. These symbols were developed and used by people of various groups and societies. Languages were developed very late but were helpful in making a standard.

We also know that earlier, people also used smoke signals to convey the presence or forthcoming of danger through a distance. Pigeons were also used by people as carriers of short written messages through a distance.

After many years, the Egyptians started to use the postal system for sending and receiving written messages. This is still used in various parts of the world but with the invention of the internet and technology, the postal system is not very active anymore.

Telephones were also discovered and for the first time, people could exchange messages or information through audio messages. Before the invention of telephones, the only ways to communicate included ways to exchange written messages. Writing messages is still a very basic and useful technique to exchange ideas and one of the most easy ways of communicating, after speech.

Another way to communicate became very popular after this. Mass communication talks about various ways to communicate a single message or idea through masses. Newspapers and the invention of radio paved the way towards new types of mass communication methods which were efficient for exchanging ideas as well as advertisements.


After so many years of developments and inventions, people have developed new and more efficient ways of communication. After the invention of the internet and mobile phones that are equipped with amazing connectivity, we now have easy ways of communicating with our loved ones and friends.

Some of the most commonly used ways of communicating include emails, that have completely replaced the older methods of sending messages including postal services. Nowadays, people have the option of exchanging written messages within a matter of seconds through sms or using the internet itself. These days, video calling is also available to connect with people around the globe in a matter of seconds.