Solving the Snow Problem – Effective Strategies for Snow Removal in Idaho Falls

Effective Strategies for Snow Removal in Idaho Falls

Snow is a natural part of winter, but it can pose a problem when too much accumulates. It can cause damage to structures like roads and rail lines, as well as create issues for vehicles like airplanes and trains.

The best thing people can do during a snow event is to move their vehicles off the street. Parking restrictions are in place to help plow crews clear streets and avoid ticketing or towing.

Clear the Driveway

The importance of snow removal Idaho Falls can’t be overstated! It’s crucial for safety and practicality, from preventing injuries to ensuring smooth daily routines. A large amount of snow can be a serious hassle. Preventative measures can make the situation more manageable for you and your family. For example, spreading de-icing products can significantly decrease the chance of slips and falls and help your driveway and walkways melt faster.

Live in a residential area with snow removal requirements. You should know that removing the snow from your driveway and sidewalks bordering your home or business is your responsibility. Similarly, landlords should consider adding a requirement in the rental lease agreement that makes tenants responsible for clearing their rentals’ common areas and walkways.

As a commercial property owner, you must secure a snow plow service before winter hits. Many companies have already booked their services, so acting quickly is best.

Clear the Sidewalks

The City of Idaho Falls has many snow and ice control policies and procedures. These are outlined in the Snow Removal Policy Manual and implemented to ensure City streets remain clear and safe.

The sidewalks abutting properties are the responsibility of property owners to keep clear of ice and snow. Failure to clear snow and ice from your sidewalk may result in liability if someone slips and gets injured on your property.

Parking restrictions are implemented during snow events to ensure snow plows can clear streets quickly. These are announced using multiple communication methods, including local media, the City’s mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, and outdoor electronic message boards. Residents are also notified via mail, through their utility bills, and on the City’s website.

Clear the Parking Lots

While shoveling, it’s important to remember to take breaks. During your breaks, you can eat food, drink water, and stretch to help ease the strain on your body. Wearing the proper protective equipment while working in dangerous environments is crucial. It includes gloves, eye protection, and a hard hat. And be sure to clear your driveway and sidewalk before snow plows come through to avoid getting hit by snow debris.

The City of Idaho Falls has launched an interactive snow removal map so residents can stay updated on snow removal progress and parking restrictions on City-owned roadways. The map will also show a map of the City’s Zones and indicate which zones are being prioritized for snow removal.

Commercial properties must be open after a snowstorm, meaning their entrance drives, private sidewalks, stairs, and loading areas must be free of ice and snow. An effective commercial ice melt service can ensure that your property is ready to welcome customers and clients during winter.

Keep Your Dogs Indoors

Snow might be beautiful, but it can also cause severe issues if it’s allowed to build up too much. Creating a plan for your property to keep the snow at bay can help you avoid major headaches later.

Bring your outdoor dogs inside – As much as Mutt Mulder might love romping around in the snow, it’s often unsafe for them to do so. Bringing them inside and offering them a comfortable, warm place to sleep can provide mental and physical stimulation until the weather improves.

Use pet-safe ice melt products – Regular salt can hurt your pets’ sensitive paws, so opt for more environmentally friendly de-icing options. Stocking up on dog food and water before the snow hits is also a good idea. This way, you’ll have supplies if you’re stuck at home for a few days. You can also provide a sheltered area like a dog house or gazebo to protect your pet from the elements while they’re outside.