Deep Breathing: How to Get Rid of Dust in the Air

If not properly dealt with, dust can become a health hazard in the home. So, how can you prevent dust in the air? Click to learn.

Do you know dust particles can stay suspended in the air for up to five days? Whether you are allergic to dust or not, suspended dust particles can be a nuisance. You might be wondering where do dust particles come from.

Dust particles can be made of pollutants such as skin cells, food particles, soil particles, and more. When there is dust in the air, it can be a health hazard. If you have a compromised lung function or allergic reactions to dust, the presence of dust in the air might be your worst nightmare.

Besides, dust might contain bacteria or harmful substances such as silica that would harm your body. Therefore, dust elimination should be a top priority, whether it’s in your home or workplace.

If you take the bold step of eliminating dust in the air, you improve air quality and prolong the lifespan of appliances and furniture. But this will only happen if dust elimination is done right.

So, the question is, how do you get rid of dust in the air properly? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of dust in the air.

Keep Windows Closed

Keeping the windows and doors open is a good method of letting in the fresh air. But alongside fresh air, there are always dust particles streaming into your home. The longer you keep your door open, the more dust will build up in your home.

If you realize there is a significant build-up of dust on windowsills and furniture, you risk facing the negative impacts of dust. To reduce the menace of dust accumulation, you should keep your doors and window closed, especially on a windy day.

Forgo Carpeting

The use of carpets might be a good strategy for improving the aesthetic appeal of your living area. But carpeting holds a considerable amount of dust that gets released into the air every time you step onto the carpet.

If you don’t want to face dust accumulation, consider using hard surface flooring, such as wood, tile, or vinyl. They are easy to keep dust-free. To get rid of dust in the air, get rid of your carpets today.

Damp It Down to Eliminate Dust in the Air

When eliminating dust particles, don’t underestimate the power of water. An excellent damp mopping might be all you need to get rid of 90% of the dust. Besides, water is a readily available and environmentally friendly cleanser.

A damp mop has the capability of capturing and holding dust that you can later rinse down the drain. Wipe your floor and furniture using a damp rag or mop and get rid of dust in the air immediately.

Get Rid of Static Electricity

When it’s cold and humidity drops, static energy builds in your home. If you always turn the heat on when it’s cold, you usually add to static electricity build-up. Static electricity attracts dust and makes it cling stubbornly to furniture and window panes.

Despite the amount of effort you put into eliminating dust, such clingy dust might be hard to eliminate. However, by using a humidifier, you can get rid of static electricity. In most cases, you should maintain humidity levels of between 40% and 50%.

Get rid of static electricity today and reduce the amount of dust in the air.

Improve Pet Care

Dead skin cells and hair cells from your pets might be contributing to the build-up of dust particles in the air. If you don’t groom your pet regularly, then you have been allowing dust particles to roam freely within your home.

Besides, if your pet spends most of their time outdoors, they are likely to track dirt back into the living area. For this reason, groom your pets at least four times a week.

Install an Air Purifier

If you live in areas prone to strong winds, installing an air purifier might be your best option for getting rid of dust. Air purifiers have a circulating fan that moves air around the house. This makes sure that any dust particles settled on the furniture and couches are made airborne.

The filters in the air purifier then capture airborne particles, so your room is free of dust particles. Whether you live in a small house or a mansion, air purifiers come in different sizes to suit your needs.

However, to entirely eliminate house dust, use standard air filters. In most cases, the 16x25x1 filter is the most recommended type of air filter to use for your home.

Clean Bed Linens More Often

Bed linen such as sheets and pillows might accumulate dust particles that are invisible to your naked eyes. Every time you lay down to sleep, such dusty bed linens put your health at risk. For this reason, you should have them cleaned at least once a week using hot water.

If you can’t wash them regularly, use the old-fashioned beating technique of dust elimination.

Keep Dirt Out

Every time you go outdoors, you track dirt back into the house. Without the right precautions, outdoor activities will contribute to dust build-up every time you get back into the house. To solve this problem, you should consider investing in doormats.

For maximum dust elimination, you should use interior and exterior doormats. Doormats help keep dirt out by trapping and preventing it from traveling further into the house. However, you must wash and vacuum the mats regularly.

Get Rid of Dust in the Air Today

Floating dust particles are health hazards and can affect the lifespan of your appliances and furniture. For this reason, you should get rid of any dust in the air by all means.

Read the above tips and learn how to get rid of dust in the air.

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