Decorate your Living Room Inspired by Nature

You spend a lot of time in the living room, whether you’re with your family or entertaining visitors. As a result, this area of your home must look not only great but also be comfortable and functional. Mastering this trifecta may appear complicated, but nothing is impossible once you have the right décor idea.

Interior designers are increasingly embracing nature-inspired materials and colors in their living room décor ideas. It also makes sense when you consider how much time you spend cooped up inside your home, hunched over computers. 

Nature’s inspiration can provide the much-needed calming element to this space. Let’s discuss all the ideas for decorating your living room. 

Earthy Colors

Brown is making a comeback—in addition to chocolate and caramel shades. In addition, more people use earthy colors like mustard, dark green, and red clay to paint their walls. Any of these colors will give your space a rich, sophisticated feel.

You can use dark paint, but make sure you have plenty of natural light to balance out the intensity of the walls. Then, if you prefer, you can embrace the moody cave vibes you’ll create.

Crystals and Rocks

Although crystal and rock collections aren’t new when combined with other Mother Nature-inspired pieces. A room begins to feel more and more like a tranquil outdoor retreat.

Whether or not you believe crystals and rocks are powerful, they are certainly fascinating to look at. Even small accents, such as quartz bookends or coasters, can add a touch of elegance to your living room.

Nature Motifs

Natural motifs, such as leaves and birds, are becoming increasingly popular, appearing on everything from wallpaper to decorative accessories. Wallpaper with bold palm prints is making a comeback. And lamps with branch-like bases for side tables and sconces that look like vines hanging over mirrors.

Consider yourself fortunate if you see things like this when you look out your windows. However, with natural-inspired accents, the rest of us can fake it ’til we make it.

Upcycle with Natural Home Decor

Natural decorating ideas build with the materials you already have on hand. For example, arrange empty boxes, bottles, and apothecary jars along a window ledge or the length of a long table.

Add a natural element to each one, such as a single flower bloom, an elegant feather, or dried flowers and potpourri. Frequently change the contents to reflect the changing seasons outside.

Channel the Ocean

The coastal vibe of nature can be brought indoors as well. In baskets, wood trays, or platters, arrange seashells, driftwood, or sea glass. Fill a large glass jar halfway with smooth stones or shells.

The best color palette for this is blues, greens, and greys. To reflect the vastness of the shoreline and distant horizon, pair it with soft whites. Aqua blues, pristine whites, and alluvial browns in wall art add serenity and evoke the soothing sound of ocean waves.

Nature-Inspired art

Now is the time to decorate your walls with images or wallpapers that celebrate wide-open landscapes and natural elements like birds, forest creatures, and massive blooms. They’ll keep you going when the days get shorter and the months seem to drag on.

You can add wall art of trees, leaves, animals, woods, water, forest, mountains, landscapes, etc. Choose nature inspired wall prints from trusted sites like Elephantstock

Soft and Natural Tablescape

Fill a long wood bowl with a collection of natural elements for an organic take on your dining room’s centerpiece. Pinecones, mossy rocks, driftwood, and a spray of cattails are just a few ways to bring the outdoors inside. A nature-inspired table runner and placemats instantly elevate the tablescape.

Natural Style Furniture

Look for furniture and accessories made of natural materials. For example, consider seagrass coffee tables, rattan trunks, and bamboo headboards for your living room. 

Next to a sofa or oversized chair, a woven seagrass floor lamp adds interest. Macramé or rope-based decorative accent pieces provide an organic, supporting role.

Pressed Plants In Custom Frames

Plants can evoke memories and a strong emotional response in many people. Perhaps a flower was given as part of a unique bouquet from a loved one. A collection of leaves was collected during a memorable park walk.

As with any other priceless memento, such foliage makes an excellent subject for a handcrafted custom framing project. First, you can pluck leaves and branches from your favorite green plants. Then, for natural and earthy living room wall decor, press them and frame them with custom frames.

Natural Finishes

While incorporating natural finishes into your home isn’t a new concept, it is becoming increasingly popular. For many homeowners, the idea of bringing nature into every room of their home is revolutionary.

Nature is found in any space of your life, whether it’s organic sheets or a bubbling Zen fountain in your home office. Design your space around what makes you feel emotionally charged, excited, calmed, and consider how nature is incorporated into your decor.

Floral Inspiration Doesn’t Have to be Artificial

Do you remember when the only greenery in people’s homes was artificial and usually covered in a thin layer of dust? But, nature finds its way into more and more interiors in the real and natural state as flowers and potted plants. They may include succulents and easy ways to bring natural appeal to your dining room table or front foyer table these days.

You can take care of houseplants by use to be considered a chore. If you are planting indoor bulbs, then it keeps low-maintenance plants like succulents and cactus. It can simply adorn your home office desk with a fresh bouquet that can instantly brighten up any room these days.

Nature Themed Rooms 

Bedrooms are an excellent place to create a relaxing atmosphere. After all, this is where you come to find peace and relaxation.

Add soothing botanical bedroom comforter sets and accent pillows to complete the look. Finally, as the focal point of your room, consider hanging a wall sculpture over the headboard.

Layer Natural Tones on Natural Tones 

Creating calming interiors focuses on the finer details by combining elegantly crafted contemporary pieces. These pieces are with a material of serene palette and hues gathered from nature. 

A timeless scheme provides a welcome break from the whirlwind of modern life. And with the neutral elements in place, it’s simple to change up your palette’s balance as the seasons change.

The use of neutral colors as a base keeps an interior looking fresh and styled. Then, using star pieces of furniture, accessories, or art, you can use color to accent or highlight.

The Bottom line 

You can incorporate nature-inspired décor ideas into your living room in 13 different ways. It’s time to put your spin on these ideas and create the beautiful and inviting living room you’ve always wanted. So now is the time to get to work on your plans.