CBD Cost Guide: How Much Does CBD Powder Cost?

Want to stop wondering to yourself: how much does CBD powder cost? If that's the case, take a look at what you need to know today.

The benefits of CBD consumption are many, but it’s only recently that it has been destigmatized in the public eye.

CBD powder is great for sleep cycles. It has been found to reduce chronic pain. It reduces stress and anxiety, and unlike its legally dubious counterpart, THC, it’s legal in many Western countries.

But it’s also expensive if you don’t know where to look. So let’s find out how much is too much.

CBD Isolate vs. CBD Distillate

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are a growing trend and many turn to CBD for a variety of health benefits. It can be consumed however you wish, and when looking to buy CBD powder, the terms “isolate” and “distillate” pop up a lot.

But what’s the difference?

CBD distillate is won through distillation, hence the name. Otherwise known as CBD oil, it’s the murky, honey-like fluid you might have seen in stores. The oil is cheaper gram-for-gram because it’s easier to make – but it contains only around 70-80% CBD.

Isolate is made from oil by crystallizing it and turning it into powder. Isolates contain 99% or more CBD – meaning you’re only ever buying the good stuff.

CBD Powder: How Much Is a Gram?

CBD costs more than you might think when you’re buying the powder.

Don’t be put off by the price tag, though. A gram will go a lot further and last a lot longer than you think.

While there are no strict rules (and it’s not a “drug” you can really overdose on), many manufacturers of CBD recommend doses of varying sizes.

These doses range from 10mg to 50mg, depending on the manufacturer. So, if you’re taking 10mg per day, a single gram will last you for more than three months.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Buying CBD Powder in Bulk

How much you end up paying depends on where you buy, the amount, and the CBD isolate price.

Obviously, it’s always cheaper to buy bulk CBD powder, so if you’re planning on stocking up, or you’re a habitual consumer, then that’s what you’ll want to do.

But how much does CBD powder cost, on average?

Sounds like an easy question, but it doesn’t come with an easy answer. Cannabidiol products are part of a new, emerging industry, so there aren’t really any established norms.

Even so, the price has come down massively over the past decade as its consumption has become widespread.

As a rule of thumb, prices per gram of CBD isolate tend to range from $15 to $150. That’s a wide margin, so the key thing to watch out for is that the isolate contains 99%+ CBD and no THC.

When buying larger quantities – 10, 25, 100 grams – the price per gram will drop – usually by up to 50%. That means that you can expect to find a KG of CBD powder for around $1,000 – and anything below that is a bargain.

And here’s a final tip.

Prices for CBD tend to spike before the harvest in October. On the flip side, the winter months are usually the best time to buy in bulk because of an overabundance of supply. It’s simple economics in practice.

Don’t Overspend on Your CBD

For many, CBD powder has gone from a quirky, esoteric trend to a central part of daily life. But it needn’t break the bank.

And it’s pure CBD, so if you’re overspending on it, you’re not getting a better product – you’re lining the pockets of a supplier looking to pull a fast one.

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