Booking a Hotel with How to Make Sure You Book the Perfect Hotel for Your Trip

While finding the best price for a hotel room is tremendously important for most travelers, finding the best experience should also be a priority. reviews of its innovative RCLUB resource talk about its ability to help users create the ultimate vacation experience, but how does it really work? The following article discusses’s RCLUB feature, how it works, and if it’s actually worth it.

Standard travel and hotel booking sites definitely have their appeal; all you need is a digital communications device and a need for a cheap hotel to find thousands of easy options. But what if you’re planning a more complex trip? What if you need to find accommodations for a large and diverse group of people? What if you’re looking for a special, off-the-grid, live-like-a-local experience? This is where your Travelocity and your Orbitz tend to fall short, in my experience.

So, what about While it’s only one of literally dozens of travel booking sites, it purports to be unique due to its RCLUB concierge feature. But what is it, and how does it work?

Can you book hotels through

At its core, is a hotel and accommodations booking site. But it also provides much, much more.

RCLUB offers users a series of tools and resources that allow for a more personalized travel experience. Not only does it offer members-only discounts, it gives members access to their own Travel Advisors, a dedicated service team that offers its users information and guidance about vacation planning, finding the best local eateries and sites, adjusting to the local culture, and support for a variety of issues vacationers may encounter during their trip.

Travel Advisors are available to RCLUB members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and offer services reminiscent of travel agents (back when travel agents used to exist). They can also be accessed using members’ favorite methods of communication, including phone, text, or email. They are particularly helpful if you’re planning a complex trip with several destinations – an undertaking that can be overwhelming even for the most experienced traveler. It brings the human element back into customer care. You aren’t just dealing with a ‘bot using preprogrammed responses – you’re dealing with a human who is more than capable of quickly and efficiently addressing your specific needs.

You don’t have to go through any special application process to become an RCLUB member – the first time you book a hotel through you’re automatically given the chance to enroll.

Booking your vacation or group trip doesn’t have to be a hassle; provides every traveler – from the novice to the seasoned – with the tools and support that can help ensure a fantastic trip.

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