How to Choose the Best Bookie Software for Your Online Business

The online bookmaking business is booming across the world. Do you want in on the action? Here's how to find the best bookie software to help you get started.

Have you thought about starting an online bookmaking business?

There are many great bookie software options that can help you start your business from the ground-up and scale much faster. These will help you create betting options for any game of your choice. You’ll then be able to market your bets to customers.

You can also use the software to respond to customer requests and troubleshoot betting issues.

But how do you choose the best bookie software for your business?

Here’s what you should know.


Your first step to finding the best sport betting software is to create a shortlist of the most popular options. Do a quick search for pay per head bookie software or sports bookie software and create your list based on your results.

The next step is to study the reputation of your results. You want to find publications dedicated to the online bookmaking business. They’ll give you honest reviews on each bookie software.

You should also try to network with other bookmakers. Ask them which bookie software they prefer.


Next is to consider what features the bookie software has. Here are some of the best features that you should expect:

  • Competitive pricing: You want a service that charges different prices for the features you use. There should be different pricing structures for the size of your business and what you offer
  • Web Design: Can you create your own website using the bookie software? This adds a greater sense of professionalism to your bookmaking business
  • Configuration: Can you offer different types of bets? Can you offer bets for different games and sports?
  • Security: Make sure you choose a bookie software that offers a high-layer of security

We suggest you check out this information on pay per head software to see what you need for a successful bookmaking venture.

Different Sports Options

Sports betting is one of the most lucrative opportunities within the online gambling industry. You want to make sure you can offer bets for baseball, basketball, football, etc.

You should also find a bookie software that lets you offer bets for different leagues. For example, you should be able to offer bets for the NBA and NCAA basketball games.

You can also expect that if you offer different sports options, you’ll also garner more customers. You might eventually have customers requesting more betting options for their favorite sports.

As such, you want to be prepared for this from the get-go.


As of this publication, online gambling isn’t legal in all 50 U.S. states or international jurisdictions. As such, make sure you choose a bookie software that’s in a legal jurisdiction.

For example, Costa Rica is a legal jurisdiction for bookie software and online gambling. In Japan, it’s currently completely illegal. 

As such, you would choose a bookie software that’s registered in Costa Rica. If it’s registered in Japan, then you’re dealing with a company that’s illegal and illegitimate.

On the bookie software’s website, you can find information on where the company is located.

However, you still need to follow the laws of your jurisdiction while using the bookie software.

Customer Service

Make sure that the bookie software company offers great customer service. Even if the features are great, if you have poor customer service, you’ll eventually get frustrated using the software.

For example, how often can you contact the company? Are there different options for contacting customer service? At best, you should have phone, email, and live chat options.

It’s best to contact the company beforehand to inquire about the bookie software. Use this session to assess the quality of customer service.

You want to also test the response times. For example, how long do you have to wait on a phone call or chat session? How long do you have to wait for an email response?

If the customer service is great, then you can consider the bookie software. If it’s poor, then move on no matter how great the bookie software is.

Payment Options

How many payment options does the bookie software allow?  You can offer different betting options, but if you only offer one or two payment options, you can deter potential customers. 

Offer options such as credit cards, eChecks, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

You should also try to accept as many fiat currencies as possible. This way, you can attract residents from around the world.

You want to also see if there are options for different payment authorization services. These include services such as PayPal and Stripe. Many customers find these to be more secure than other payment options.

Industry Knowledge

You want to choose a company that showcases industry knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned bookmaker, you’ll have to stay on top of industry trends.

As such, you can assess a bookie software if the company shows itself as an industry expert. 

Take a look at the company’s website. Do they regularly publish blog posts with content related to online gambling? Do they have content for bookmakers and gamblers?

You also want to check if there are tutorials on how to use the software. There should also be tutorials on how to run a successful bookmaking business.

The goal is to choose a bookie software that’s part of a company dedicated to online gambling. This shows their professionalism and dedication to providing a great product.

Constant Development

Finally, you want to choose a bookie software company that’s always working on their product.

When you speak to customer service, ask them how often they update their software. You want to learn about their most recent features.

If it’s been two or more years since the last update, you should avoid this bookie software. It gives the impression that they aren’t focused on constantly developing their product.

Choose Your Bookie Software

Now you can choose the right bookie software for your bookmaking business!

Start with researching the popular bookie software options and creating your shortlist. Assess them based on their reputation, features, customer service, and legality.

Next, check how dedicated the company is in developing the product. Make sure they are trying to establish themselves as an industry leader.

You can find more tips on gambling and bookmaking on our website!