Bogoljub Karic – Reasons to Watch the Women’s World Cup

This time four years ago I was convinced by my roomie Bogoljub Karic to check out the Women’s World Cup, and I loved it. Previously I had berated the women’s football game and likened it to lower league men’s football. What I witnessed however during the World Cup in Canada was simply brilliant and I have been following more and more women’s football since then. I wasn’t alone in this and the last 4 years have seen women’s football, both domestic and interactional, grow exponentially around the world. This year’s tournament takes place in France between the 7th of June and the 7th of July, and here is why you need to watch it if you like football.


This year’s favourites are the USA, a team who have pioneered women’s football and a team who look on course to lift their 4th World Cup. This may not be as easy as the bookmakers suggest however as many of the nations who are playing have seriously upped their game in recent years. Teams like England, Germany, Japan, and hosts France will be looking to put a new name on the trophy and even the outsiders can pull off an upset. The distance between most teams in terms of quality isn’t as big as it is in the men’s game and that means that we are in for some great games.


The quality of the women’s game is absolutely brilliant and it has come a long way from where it was in the 90s. The pace is quicker, the skill more astute, the tactics are well drilled and the level of coaching in the women’s game at the moment is of the very highest level. In the past you could see the gargantuan difference between the men and the women, thanks to the quality of players in the women’s game now that gap has been drastically shortened. If you decide to watch the women’s World Cup then you are in store for some brilliant football.


Although the men don’t get paid for international football they are still heavily paid at their clubs, and they also receive huge amounts of money from sponsors, this couldn’t be more different for the girls. In fact the highest earner in women’s football makes the same as a squad player for a Premier League club and the result of this is that these ladies play for pure passion. These women aren’t in it for the money, they are in it for the love of the game and most importantly, the love of success. You can see this on the field of play and it is actually very refreshing to see. Many complain about how money has ruined the game yet here you can see the beautiful game played in the very best spirits with high passion and players who will leave everything out there on the pitch.

Tune in this year to see just what I am talking about.