Best Mobile Games That Let You Win Real Money


It is said that 85% of Americans have gambled during their life. In that group, many winners celebrate their success in different areas of gaming, including mobile games. Do you know how to join them and win real money from the safety of your mobile phone?

We have gathered a list of some of the best mobile games to win real money with. By the end, you should be able to win real money with games that will send your winnings straight to you.


Mistplay is closer to a loyalty program for several games than one single app. After installing this on your phone, you can start to get recommendations for other games on the Play store. By playing these games when asked, you can start collecting “units”.

You can redeem these units whenever you would like. In exchange for them, you can receive gift cards to several online stores. These include Amazon, Playstation, Visa, and many more locations.


This is little more than a free scratch-off game that you can play every day. Each time you open the app on a given day, you will receive digital scratch-offs that you can engage with to see what you have on.

The app offers different reward levels, with cash prizes reaching up to $10,000 in quality. The creators also boast that they give out a great many $500 Amazon gift cards often. 

So long as you have at least $1 in earnings, you can cash out. No need to wait until you earn too much before you can receive your prize.

Solitaire Cube

Ever since Windows 95 introduced Solitaire as a way to teach people mouse skills, it has become a mainstay of American digital culture. This game follows in the suit (if you will excuse the pun) of its predecessors and offers you a game of solitaire where you can earn real money.

When playing, all you need to do is pile cards into different suits. This might seem easy, but you are often competing against other players, offering a unique twist on the gameplay.

Each round only lasts one or two minutes, so you do not need to worry about putting too much time away. It is easy to slip away during work for a coffee break and to play a round or two.


If you want to win real money on slots, QueenPlay is one of the frontrunners for the best experience of mobile play you can find online. This online casino acts like any other casino you might walk to, but you do not need to book a trip to Las Vegas for this one.

There are many different slots and other casino games you can play with QueenPlay, so give them all a go and see which you enjoy the most.

More on How to Win Real Money

Now that you understand how to win real money with slots, loyalty programs, solitaire, and others. If you still want more free games to win real money with, though, we have many other options available to you.

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