Author: Daisy Fermin

How To Market Yourself as A Consultant

As a consultant, getting clients is essential to success. While traditional networking and referrals are still valuable tools, social media, and online platforms can greatly expand your reach and help you connect with potential clients from around the world. In this article, we’ll discuss how to market yourself as a consultant, with tips on how […]

6 Tips For Becoming A Coffee Wholesaler 

Coffee is among the most consumed drinks worldwide. That means the market is ever booming and profitable. Therefore, if you’re considering venturing into selling coffee, you’re probably on the right track.  Unfortunately, starting a coffee business can be daunting. Its success rate depends on your industry knowledge, the type of coffee you sell, and how […]

How To Protect Pedestrians And Workers In Construction Traffic Control Zones

In recent years, many construction projects have been implemented to develop new and better places to work and live. From apartment buildings being constructed and homes being renovated to office buildings being expanded, you can expect these projects to rise year by year.    However, despite their advantages, construction sites, especially those designated as traffic control […]

How To Raise Capital As A Sole Proprietor

The sole proprietorship is the simplest of all business structures to start. It does have advantages over other business structures. But the fundamental drawback is that it lacks a separate legal persona. As a result, the owner has little to no protection if creditors come after their money.  Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges sole […]

7 Tips To Successfully Re-Enter The Workforce 

It’s normal to take some time off work to focus on other essential things. There are many reasons people take a break. It can include starting a business, raising children, traveling the world, simply resting, and other numerous causes.   However, those workers who have decided to leave often plan on re-entering the workforce and looking […]

5 Smart Ways That Improve Your Employment Opportunities

You’re responsible for your career. And with the employment landscape constantly changing, you must work on improving yourself daily. By making career growth and development a daily habit, you’ll remain fully informed of the industries you’re interested in and how to break into them.  If you want a promotion or are looking to explore a […]

Is Cloud Faxing Safe For Financial Business Transactions?

Financial documents containing sensitive information are at risk when shared in the workplace. Various industries deal with financial information that can fall into the wrong hands with outdated storage and file-sharing methods. Cloud faxing is popular among multiple enterprises because of its benefits to those who handle vital information with database management. But is it […]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Business Loan

According to Statista, 38% of businesses fail because of problems with cash flow. If you’re eager to start a business or need additional funds to promote growth, applying for a business loan is one of the options worth considering.      The accessibility to affordable capital is crucial when running a business. However, applying for a business […]

8 Reasons To Switch To Contactless Business Cards

In today’s world, contactless business cards have become increasingly popular as a way to network, share contact information, and create a more professional look. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more people are making the switch to contactless business cards.  What Are Contactless Cards  Contactless cards are a convenient way to […]