Arlo Hotel’s The 5 Oldest Buildings in Manhattan

While visitors from Rome might consider Manhattan’s oldest buildings as modern architecture, the city does have a lengthy and storied history. At Arlo Hotel, our staff appreciate Manhattan’s blend of past and present and enjoy directing guests to some of the oldest buildings in town. Here are five of the oldest buildings in Manhattan that are worth a visit. 

Both the oldest building and oldest restaurant are titles held by the Fraunces Tavern, a location that played a central role in the American Revolution. Located at Broad Street and Pearl, the building now operates as a museum and a noted restaurant. Built in 1719, the Fraunces Tavern has stood for more than 300 years and reflects the city’s resilience and the care it extends to historic buildings. 

Next on the list is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, located in Washington Heights. Built in 1765, this building served as a headquarters for General Washington and his troops and is a perfectly preserved example of Colonial architecture. It offers both virtual and in-person tours and provides visitors with a taste of early American history. 

The iconic St. Paul’s Chapel is the third oldest building in Manhattan. Located just a block from the World Trade Center towers, the chapel survived destruction from the September 11 attacks just as it had escaped the Great Fire of 1776, which destroyed the first Trinity Church. 

Another old building with historical importance is the Captain Joseph Roe House, built from 1773 to 1781. This Georgian-style townhouse holds an interesting history as a home to illegal boxing matches and rat fighting. It’s the oldest building in the South Street Seaport and is currently a luxury apartment building. 

Built in 1784, the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum stands out as a memory of a time long ago. It sits on 204th Street and looks out on Manhattan. It’s currently a museum and an example of the Dutch Colonial style that was popular at the time.

Appreciating Manhattan’s past is one of the best ways of enjoying its future. At Arlo Hotel, we suggest guests take half a day to visit some of the oldest buildings in the city to give them some perspective about Manhattan’s early beginnings.