3 Reasons Why an Anal Training Kit Can Make Anal Sex Less Painful

anal training kit

Are you considering anal sex? Are you worried that it will hurt? With the right preparation, it does not have to, but you need to do some preparation beforehand. 

One way to do this is with an anal training kit. They are inexpensive, safe, and let you try out anal sex on your own before taking the plunge. Below, we give you everything you need to know about why you should use an anal training kit. 

It Gets Rid of Pain and Gives Pleasure

Anal sex can hurt but it really does not have to. Like anything that involves muscles, you need to build up to it and train. If you suddenly decide that today is the first day for anal sex and go straight in, then prepare for the hurt. 

How to prepare for anal sex is also not as complicated as it may sound. All you need is a little patience, an open mind, and a training kit. Before you know it you will be enjoying all the benefits that anal sex can bring. 

The anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings that can cause immense pleasure. If you are a man, you also have a prostrate inside that can lead to the mythical male orgasm. With an anal training kit, you take away any of the pain that may be associated with the act and it is pleasure all the way!

It Increases Safety

Anal sex is extremely safe if you take the right steps. These include proper training and precautions. 

Firstly, unlike a vagina, the anus does not have self-lubricating glands. This means that it needs to be lubricated. Any sex store-bought, water-based lubricant will work fine. 

Secondly, you need to make sure you have trained your anus beforehand to stay safe. If the muscles are not prepared, then it could result in bruising or tearing to the sphincter. Because of the function of the anus, any damage leaves it at increased risk of infection so make sure you get trained!

An Anal Training Kit Is Fun to Try Alone!

Yes, an anal training kit can be fun to use alone. They are usually a series of buttplugs, often made from silicone, that comes in a set. Each one increases in size so that you can gradually train yourself to accommodate more in your rectum.

Each one is perfectly shaped so that it has a flared base with a phallus-shaped shaft at the top. This means that the base will always stop the butt plug from going too far inside, increasing safety. 

There are a whole host and variety of kits on offer. Some of them have suction cup bases so that you can adhere the buttplug to a surface and hold it in place. Opt for a kit that is easily cleanable and is able to be used with your choice of lubricant, then get yourself ready for the big event by trying it out alone!

Take It Slow

When using an anal training kit or taking part in anal sex, remember to take it slow! Even with training, your body will need time to relax and adjust. It will always work better if you take your time and take it slow. 

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