Aluminum Ladders and More, What You’ll Need To Be a Window Cleaner

If you have dreams of starting your very own business then one great place to start is to be a window cleaner. This is something which we are seeing less and less of but in times whereby many have lost their jobs, this could in fact be something that you could use to make good money and to create your very own little enterprise.

The first thing which you need to do is find an area where there is nobody else working, the last thing you need is a conflict when you have just got started. Once you have done this, here is what you will need to invest in. 

Aluminum Ladders

Aluminum ladders are most certainly the best option for you here as they are light and very easy to transport. Try to invest as much as you can in your ladders because these are arguable the most important tool in your arsenal. If you buy a good set of ladders and you look after them, they will last you for a very long time. 

Cleaning Supplies

Now when it comes to your cleaning supplies you have to make sure that you try out a number of products at home before you settle on the right one. Nobody is going to pay a window cleaner who cannot actually clean the windows very well, so getting your solution right is critical. Beyond the actual cleaning product you will need a squeegee to ensure that the water is fully removed from the window and a shammy to buff the pane of the window leaving a nice and shiny finish. 

Water Supply 

An important aspect to consider is what water you are going to use on your round, because you cannot just keep using the same water over and over again. This is a far more important aspect of the job than most people recognize and you should be looking to do all that you can to find ways in which you can fill up a good sized tank of water for your round. 

Personal Equipment 

You will need a bucket for washing and you will also need to ensure that you have a work belt where you can store the materials with which you are going to clean with. Again this is critical to you being able to clean windows quickly and efficiently, making sure that you are able to earn as much as you can on your round. 

Business Cards

This is a tough and a competitive business which you are in and that is why you should be doing all that you can to make sure that you market as you go. Hand out business cards on your round which have your phone number, your prices and your availability. Remember to never miss out on a chance to sell yourself. 

These are the basics which you will need, and a vehicle is of course an optional extra which will help you out.