All You Need To Know About Clearomizer!


Vaping terms are used interchangeably, making it difficult to find the right device for your needs. This can make it quite challenging to find the right vaping device. This guide will introduce you to the clearomizer vaping tank, highlighting one of the best models – Smok Tech’s clearomizer vape tank.

What Is A Clearomizer?

Clearomizers are vaping devices that have a clear tank. The word is a combination of “clear” and “atomizer.” Clearomizers are typically composed of a glass or plastic tank, a replaceable coil that screws onto the base of the tank, a chimney connecting the coil with the top cap, and a mouthpiece. Some of the most popular clearomisers on the market were created by Aspire, such as the CE4 and CE5.

Generally speaking, all vape tanks that require replaceable coils are clearomisers. The term is, however, now mostly associated with MTL tanks. These types of vape kits usually come with a 510 connection that allows them to be compatible with multiple vape mods. Other times, they come as non-removable parts in cylindrical form within vape starter kit.

How Does A Clearomizer Work?

The first step to using a clearomizer effectively is to prime your coil by dripping e-liquid onto it. Next, insert the screw into the tank, and attach the remaining components. Afterwards, fill the tank with liquid and wait for a little bit to give the wick time to soak up enough of it. If your vaping kits have a fixed wattage, you can start using them now!

However, if you have a variable wattage device, begin vaping at the recommended lower wattage and increase it until you’re satisfied with the vape. If you start to get a dry vape, reduce your wattage slightly. Avoid going over the recommended wattage on the coil, as it will only result in more dry hits.

Clearomizers may not be as straightforward to use as cartomizers, but they are much simpler than atomizers. Many beginner-level vapers prefer clearomisers because they provide a good vaping experience without needing to build your own coils.

If you want to upgrade from using cartomizer vaping kits and don’t want the bother of working with tools and wires, then clearomisers are the best bet.

Best Smok Tech Clearomizer Vape Tank

The Helmet and Helmet mini tanks from Smok are the first to comply with TPD rules since they both have a 2ml capacity. The Helmet is a 24.5mm tank, and the mini is its smaller, 22mm sibling.

They come in a sleek stainless steel casing with windows so you can see how much juice is left. The kit includes two coil choices: the 0.4ohm fused Clapton core that comes pre-installed and an alternative 0.6ohm fused Clapton.

The only variations between these two options are the size of the tank. The 0.4ohm coil is best used with 20w to 45w power, and the 0.6ohm should be used with 25w to 60wnpower.

The tank’s focus is not on producing large clouds of vapour but rather on a hassle-free vaping experience.

Summing It All Up

Clearomizers are a versatile option for vaping and provide users with a great vape experience. Hamlet & Hamlet mini tanks are two of the most popular clearomizer vape kits that are available. With three different coil options to choose from, it can be used by beginners and experienced vapers alike. Happy vaping!