Advantages of Microblading – Is It Worth It?

Whether you have sparse eyebrow hair or want to improve your appearance, microblading is a fantastic option. It is safe, convenient, and affordable.

But it’s essential to choose a trusted technician who follows the accepted procedures for cleanliness and sanitation during the process. This will help you avoid infection or allergic reactions.

It’s Natural

When done correctly, microblading will give your brows a natural look. It’s an excellent option for anyone with sparse brows or who struggles with asymmetrical eyebrows. Additionally, you’ll save money because you won’t need to do this on yearly eyebrow-filling products.

During the procedure, your makeup artist will apply a topical numbing cream and then draw on your brows with a pencil to understand what you want before beginning. They will then use a microblading machine to insert the ink into your skin.

Once the procedure is complete, your brows will heal in about two weeks. During this time, avoiding getting them wet, picking at scabs, or scratching is essential. This will help prevent infections.

It’s Convenient

Doing your eyebrows each morning can be a hassle if you’re not blessed with thick, luscious brows. That is why so many women choose microblading Long Island NY as a semi-permanent way of getting the perfect brows they’ve always wanted without the everyday hassle.

Microblading also does not smudge or fade like regular makeup, so you can sweat it out during your workout, go swimming, or even wear your hair down and still look great. If you visit a salon with a highly-skilled artist, the results will last up to three years.

It’s crucial to remember that your skin type, lifestyle, and how frequently you touch up your brows will all affect how long the results last.

It’s Affordable

For those who aren’t naturally blessed with lush arches (or over-tweezed theirs into oblivion), microblading is an affordable way to get the brows of your dreams. The results last up to two years, so it’s a significant investment!

Since the pigment used in microblading is implanted into your first three layers of skin, it won’t fade or smudge. That’s especially useful for athletes and those with an active lifestyle, as they can sweat all they want and not worry about their brow makeup washing off or fading.

That said, the price of microblading varies depending on your location and the experience level of your artist. The more experienced an artist is, the higher their prices. That’s because they have proof of their skill through a well-known academy behind them, making customers trust them more.

It’s Safe

If done by a licensed, reputable tattoo artist who follows accepted practices for cleanliness and sanitation, microblading is a safe procedure. The skin does experience some trauma during the course, but most people report that it feels no more painful than eyebrow threading. Additionally, your technician will apply a numbing cream before beginning the process to minimize discomfort.

The pigment used in the treatment is waterproof, so it won’t wash away or smudge throughout the day. This relieves those who sweat heavily during workouts or hot yoga sessions, as they won’t have to worry about their brows washing away. It’s also perfect for swimmers and people who enjoy outdoor activities, as the rain won’t ruin their brows. This is particularly great news for those with thin, sparse brows who wish they were more pronounced.

It’s Time-Saving

Getting ready in the morning is always hectic, but with microblading, you don’t have to spend extra time on your eyebrows. You’ll also save money on brow filler and makeup products.

Microblading deposits color into the first three layers of skin, meaning it’s waterproof and will not fade or smudge, no matter how much you sweat during a workout or hot yoga class. This is a great benefit for athletes, especially women who are always on the go and don’t have time to reapply makeup daily.

But if you sweat excessively, the pigment can discolor or become lighter, which is a sign that it’s time for a touch-up appointment. Be sure to follow the aftercare guidelines for best results. Also, stay out of the sun as long as possible (for the first two weeks after treatment) because the UV rays can hasten the fading process.