A Homeowner’s Checklist for Selling a Home


2021 proved profitable for people selling their homes. 2022 will continue that trend in persisting as a seller’s market

If you’ve thought about selling your house, this is a great time to do it! However, there’s a lot that goes into listing your house for sale. The time, energy, and money it takes can feel daunting. 

In a similar strategy to “eating the elephant” (one bite at a time), if you break down the steps to sell a home, it won’t feel so overwhelming. This checklist for selling a home will walk you through steps to take as you get ready to list.

Take a deep breath, read this checklist, then get to work! You can do it!

1. Find a Great Real Estate Agent

One of the most important tips for selling your home (and selling it quickly) is finding the right agent. Even if you live in a state that doesn’t require an agent, it’s highly recommended. A savvy agent will help you list at the right price, navigate the multiple listing service, hold open houses, and negotiate the best deal for you. 

2. Get Ready to Spend

While selling a house comes with a large payday at the end, there are expenses involved too. Be prepared to open your wallet for the following items: 

  • Capital gains tax
  • Staging
  • Transfer tax
  • Mortgage payoff and fees
  • Title insurance
  • Home inspection
  • Real estate agent fees

Some of these fees are unavoidable and some can be negotiated. Take the real estate agents’ fees, for example. This ultimate guide can help you negotiate realtor fees and come out with a bigger payout at the end of the process. 

3. Prep Your Home 

In addition to the above fees, you’ll want to set some money aside for making necessary repairs to your home. Structural defects, safety issues, and building code violations are the top priorities.

Additionally, you can freshen up the inside with a new coat of neutral-colored paint, replace old bulbs, tighten loose handles, etc. Try to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. What things would turn you off if you were looking at a home? 

4. Keep It Clean

After you’ve fixed and freshened your home as necessary, keep it clean for showings. You want your home to be ready at a moment’s notice if your agent has an interested party. 

5. Stay In the Loop  

Finally, stay in the loop. Shoot to check in with your realtor at least once every two weeks. Knowing the status of potential buyers can ease the stress of waiting for the good news! 

Use This Checklist for Selling a Home

As you follow this checklist for selling a home, you can break down an overwhelming task into bite-sized pieces. With the seller’s market on your side, you should get that house sold in no time! 

You’ve learned about home selling tips, but don’t stop there. Keep on scrolling for more excellent articles!