Framing Your Style: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Women’s Fashion Glasses

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Women's Fashion Glasses

The frames you choose say a lot about your personality and fashion sense. You can show off your fun-loving side on the weekends with stylish cat-eye glasses or keep it professional with a classic tortoiseshell frame that fits your wardrobe and skin tone.

The most crucial factor in choosing the right frames is your face shape. The right frames complement and balance your features, creating a harmonious look.

Face Shape

Face shape is one of the most important considerations when choosing women’s fashion glasses. Finding frames that balance your face is crucial whether you have an oval, round, or square face. To determine your face shape, look in the mirror and notice which features are the most comprehensive and narrowest.

Ideally, your frames should flatter your face shape and coloring. Please look at your favorite celebrities to see what frames they wear and how they complement their features. 

Frames that are too large can overwhelm your face, while dated frames can make you appear older than you are. To help you pick the right size frames, try on a few pairs and see which sizes suit you best.

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck because this face shape can be worn in almost any frame style. However, it is recommended to go for a wider frame than the width of your broadest feature. If you have a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face, choose frames with soft lines to complement your softer facial features and avoid sharp, angular frames.

Cat-eye frames are also excellent for heart-shaped and diamond faces because they create an upswept, playful, and polished appearance.

Skin Tone

If you want to look your best in a pair of frames, it’s essential to consider your skin tone. It may seem obvious, but it’s easily overlooked by many people who shop for glasses.

Skin tones are warm (yellow, peachy, or bronze cast) or cool (pink or bluish undertones). It’s also possible to have a neutral skin tone with warm and cool undertones.

Choosing the right frame color to match your skin tone can make a big difference in how good they look on you. Avoid contrasting colors like white and black frames if you have a warm complexion. Instead, use light tortoise, brown shades, gold or honey, beige or olive green frames to complement your natural skin tone.

For a cool complexion, earth tones can overpower your beautiful coloring and create a washed-out effect. Instead, opt for silver, dark tortoise, pink, purple, or blue frames to bring out the best skin tone.

Your hair color can help determine which frame colors complement it best. If you have brown hair, try a tortoiseshell pair of frames to enhance the tones of your strands. 


It’s essential to think about your lifestyle when choosing frames for women. For example, if you’re wearing a pair of glasses at work, you might want something that looks good with your professional wardrobe. For casual wear, you may want something more colorful or eye-catching. And if you have young children, you might choose durable and comfortable frames for them to wear while playing or going on errands.

There are a lot of different frame styles to choose from, so it’s essential to find the ones that best fit your personality and lifestyle. For example, if you have a fun sense of style, go for a trendy pair of cat-eye frames that look playful and polished. These frames up-tilt your eyes to create a unique and beautiful look flattering for several face shapes.

Another way to show your personality through your glasses is by the color of your frames. You can effortlessly blend your outfit by choosing a shade that matches your skin tone or hair color. If you have blue or purple hair, a tortoiseshell frame will coordinate nicely with it. Similarly, if you have brown hair and a warm skin tone, you could try a chocolate or tan-colored frame. In addition, you can try a metallic frame to add some shine to your outfit.


If you’re an outgoing social butterfly, you might want a pair of frames that project confidence and sexiness. Consider frames with metallic chains in dark shades like navy blue or chocolate brown. You can wear these with your most formal or casual looks.

On the other hand, if you’re an introverted, analytical type, you prefer a more understated look that projects seriousness and professionalism. In this case, you may choose a classic pair of glasses in shades of black or brown.

Some people wear frames similar to a family member’s, which is a great way to create positive associations and feelings of comfort. Other people tend to stick with a frame style they’ve worn for years because it suits them, and this is also an excellent way to establish a consistent personal style.

Some people also like mixing styles when selecting frames, which is perfectly acceptable. A bold, oversized shape in a crayon-box color can be an excellent choice for days when you’re feeling particularly expressive or daring. Others like to keep it minimal, which can also be attractive. For example, slim wire frames can work perfectly with a simple outfit. Try pairing them with a white blouse and straight-leg jeans for a contemporary, sophisticated look.