8 Reasons To Switch To Contactless Business Cards

In today’s world, contactless business cards have become increasingly popular as a way to network, share contact information, and create a more professional look. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more people are making the switch to contactless business cards. 

What Are Contactless Cards 

Contactless cards are a convenient way to exchange business information. They use near field communication (NFC) technology to transmit data from one device to another within a distance of 1.5 inches or less. This makes exchanging business cards safe and easy without having to make physical contact. You can start making a contactless business card by including your name, address, phone number, website, email, logo, and more.  

Advantages Of Contactless Cards 

Contactless cards are becoming increasingly popular due to convenience, sanitary, security, environmental sustainability, and other reasons. This part will look at each advantage in detail. 

1. Sanitary 

Traditional business cards are passed around and can easily carry viruses and bacteria. Sick owners may transfer diseases, such as colds and cough, unknowingly as they give their cards to other people. 

Diverse business people casually chatting

Contactless business cards offer an alternative to traditional cards that can help individuals stay hygienic and prevent the spread of disease. As they’re made from plastic, they don’t absorb liquids and can be wiped down with sanitizing wipes after each use. Additionally, contactless cards have no crevices or small spaces where these pathogens can linger. There’s also no need to pass them around, as they can easily be tapped on another person’s phone for sharing contact information. 

2. Convenience 

Using contactless business cards is also incredibly convenient and fast. These advantages make them incredibly efficient for both businesses and customers. Since they’re easily readable via an NFC-enabled device, customers can quickly scan your card for your contact details. This eliminates the need to enter a person’s details on a phone or grab a paper and pen to get your details listed. 

Their convenience is also an advantage when attending networking events. Small companies looking for ways to boost brand awareness can easily provide information by scanning their cards on their contact’s phone. This prevents the need to bring stacks of printed pamphlets, brochures, and business cards to the venue. 

3. Good Impression 

First impressions are incredibly important, especially in the business world. A well-designed business card is one of the most important items to have when networking and making a good impression.  

Unlike traditional paper cards, contactless cards are made of durable plastic and can last much longer. Also, with the ability to customize them with unique designs and finishes, you can make your card stand out from the crowd. This can make them remember your company name, logo, and other contact information. Finally, it can give them the impression that you’re tech savvy and up-to-date with current trends. 

4. Sustainability 

The modern world is becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of sustainability. With environmental concerns like climate change, industries are making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, such as using reusable grocery bags, recycling, and reducing water and electricity usage.  

Contactless business cards are also an effective way to help achieve sustainability goals due to the following reasons. 

  • They don’t require any printing or cutting, which means there’s less paper waste and fewer resources used in their production.  
  • Some contactless cards are made from materials like plastic and metal, which can be easily recycled after they have been used. This reduces the need for new materials to be produced, helping to save resources and energy.  
  • Finally, because contactless cards don’t need to be printed, they can be reused multiple times, which means fewer cards need to be produced and distributed. This further reduces the amount of resources needed for production. 

5. Customizable 

Customization is an essential part of any business, especially when it comes to business cards. Your business card is a reflection of your brand, and having something that stands out from the crowd is key.  

With a wide range of customization options, businesses can create cards that perfectly reflect their brand. They can choose from different colors, fonts, and images to create a design that reflects their company. They can also include brand logos, phone numbers, website addresses, and social media links. This makes it easy for customers to reach out and connect with the business.  

Businesses can also update their contact information quickly and easily. Information is created and saved in contactless business card makers and can easily be modified if needed. This is particularly beneficial for companies that are frequently changing locations or introducing new products and services. With a few clicks, they can update their contact information on the cards without having to reprint them.  

6. Security 

NFC-enabled cards come with security features, like encryption technology, making them much more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards. In addition, contactless business cards have built-in features that can lock in your information, controlling whom you want to share them with.  

7. Cost-efficient 

In today’s economy, cost-efficiency is a must for any business to survive and thrive. As a business owner, it’s important to maximize your money’s value, which includes looking for new ways to save and make the most of your resources.  

Contactless business cards offer a great way to do just that. Instead of spending money on paper printing costs, businesses can now invest in cards with an embedded chip. The chip will work with most NFC systems when scanned. Plus, since the cards are usually made of plastics and metals, they don’t require any additional materials such as lamination or paper envelopes. 

With contactless cards, businesses can also save on distribution costs. Because they’re wireless and electronic, they can be sent out quickly and easily to customers via email or text message. This eliminates the need for expensive shipping costs or postage fees. 

Another way that contactless cards can save businesses money is by reducing administrative costs. With contactless cards, manual input or updating of customer data may not be necessary. All of this information can be quickly stored on the card and easily accessed whenever it’s needed. 

8. CRM Integration 

Using contactless cards isn’t only hygienic, efficient, and good for the environment but can also be efficient as they also integrate with a business’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. This means that users’ information can be stored in the business’s CRM system for easy retrieval in the future.  

This advantage makes it much easier for businesses to follow up with customers and ultimately build stronger relationships. Additionally, by having customer information stored in one central location, businesses can quickly access data when needed, streamlining their workflow. 

In Conclusion 

Contactless business cards may be the wave of the future, offering an efficient and effective way to exchange information. The cards can be customized, they’re secure and cost-efficient, and they can even be integrated into an existing CRM. All of these features make contactless cards a great choice for any business.