7 Gadgets That Make a Perfect Gift For a Vlogger Friend

We live in a world of social media. It is no longer used for entertainment only and has transformed itself into a booming industry. As we move forward in the advanced era of technology, we see a change in careers and professions. Today, young individuals are shifting their interest towards a virtual life. Things that were once considered less important have now acquired greater value. 

Now, you need to think twice before making a purchase since more diverse options are available to benefit users. Similar is the case when buying a gift for your vlogger friend. So if you’re also struggling to find a present for your media enthusiast friend, then you’re at the right place. Today, we’ll talk about some gadgets that will make a perfect gift for any professional or aspiring vlogger. 

Gorilla Tripod

Every vlogger needs a good tripod for shooting purposes. In other words, it is an essential item in any beginner’s kit. While you might be considering a tripod as a typical gadget, but not everyone has a gorilla tripod. 

Gorilla tripod is unique in the sense that you can modify its shape according to your needs. It is easy to handle and helps to shoot perfect videos. Many bloggers use it to create content-based tutorials, gaming videos, and even travel vlogs. 

So if your friend has just entered the field, this gadget might make the perfect gift for him or her. Even if your friend already has one, he or she would still appreciate having a spare one for emergencies.

Motion tracking devices

If your friend is interested in creating paranormal videos, a motion-tracking device will make a perfect gift for him or her. It is a ghost tracking device that senses even the slightest movement in the surrounding. However, if you think motion tracking isn’t good enough, you can look for any other ghost hunting equipment depending upon your friend’s interest. Some examples include thermal imaging cameras and unique lights for added effects. You might think that these gadgets are specific, but they surely improve the overall vibe of the video. If you want, you can look into your friend’s equipment and see what he or she might like to add to his or her toolkit.

Ring light

Perfect lighting is a core element for any video, no matter what social media platform you use. And even though the best light is natural light, you cannot always get the desired results. Today, many successful vloggers use ring light to improve their vlogging game. It is beneficial for the niches of makeup, lifestyle, cooking, and anything that includes studio settings. So if you’re looking to get something for your friend who’s working in any of these niches, a ring light could be a perfect gift for them.

Good quality Microphone 

If a vlogger has excellent content, he or she can increase the number of organic followers pretty quickly. However, the content isn’t the only thing that matters, as the quality of the video largely influences potential viewers. Most successful vloggers prioritize high-quality audio specifications. It might be due to the fact that when sound quality is up to par, viewers pay attention to the content and are more likely to watch the video till the end. 

If your friend is new in the vlogging world, chances are he or she might need a microphone. Hence, gifting your friend a microphone is an excellent option to boost their energy. 


Gimbal is one of the most needed devices for any up-and-coming vlogger. It is a gadget that fixes the camera and provides the user with the liberty to move easily. Though it is preferable for DSLR, it is now available for smartphones as well. It not only gives a better shooting experience but also improves the video quality exponentially. 

If you’re looking for a most convenient gift option, why not surprise your friend with something that he or she will surely use for a long time. Yes, you might have to spend some extra dollars on this one. But once you see the results of this handy gadget, you will know that it is worth the price.

GoPro camera

GoPro camera has now become a necessity for vlogging. Especially when someone is into travel and adventure, this camera adds another dimension to the video. Undoubtedly, this extra work later pays into the final result with better quality and more views. It is easy to use and even easier to handle. The cameraman can just tuck it in the backpack, and it’ll record all his or her adventures easily. So if you’re looking for a perfect gift for a travel and vlogging enthusiast, you can surely consider buying a GoPro camera. 

RGB keyboard

If your friend is into the gaming niche, you should gift him or her a present that complements it. A great example of such gifts is an RGB keyboard. This keyboard, as compared to the usual ones, comes with a lot of customized options. 

The user can change the key colors and, in fact, the whole outlook of the board. And depending on the brand you choose or the product you get, you can increase or decrease these options. RGB keyboards also feature lighter keys for easy use. So if your buddy is still using an old keyboard, it’s time that you upgrade it with a much-deserved custom RGB.


In addition to content, the key to creating a great vlog is to invest in tools that can positively influence video quality. However, those who love vlogging and want to pursue it as a full time career may find these gadgets pretty interesting. Getting your friend something from the list will ensure that they make great use of it.

More importantly, it’ll help them grow their digital footprint. So explore your options and see what could be the best gift for your friend. Once you make your decision, surprise your friend with his or her new vlogging equipment.