6 tips on how to utilize Instagram to promote your business


Instagram has billions of users every month. Most users spend more than 5 minutes every day on the app. If you already have a personal account on the social media platform and are looking for ways to promote your small business, you should consider opening a business account.

This can make your brand more influential and help you increase sales since most potential customers use Instagram to research services and products. If you are wondering where to start, the following tips can help.

Create a business profile

You need a business account to start promoting your business on the social media platform. If you already have a personal account, head on to settings and look for the section labeled switch to a business profile and click on it.

Having this profile can help you unlock some valuable perks. For instance, it can give you the freedom to start publishing Instagram ads without using the advertising tools that Facebook uses.

If you are not already on Instagram but want to create a business profile, you first need to download the app on your device. After installation, you need to sign up for the app. Once you create a personal account, you can now convert it into a business account.

Add professional-looking images

This social media platform gives you a chance to share images. You can start promoting your business by sharing professional-looking photos of your products. Rather than posting generic photos, ensure that every content you share with potential customers on the app is visually pleasing.

If you are running a restaurant, you can take high-quality images of the food you prepare and share them on Instagram. If your business offers particular services, you can showcase customer stories. You can still take good photos using your phone if you don’t have a camera. Ensure to use natural light as you capture the photos and experiment with different angles.

Use captions

You can also promote your business with the help of Instagram captions. Think of captions that can quickly grab the attention of people. Many people decide if they want to explore businesses on Instagram more based on the captions used.

As you think of the best captions to use in your business account, you should focus on including words that you would like many potential clients to associate you with. You can, for instance, use general terms that are in line with your business niche or use product names.

When you accompany your photos with compelling captions, you make the images appear more meaningful. Telling a story through captions can help you start connecting with your followers.

Grow your audience

If you don’t already have enough followers on the social media platform, you should look for ways to grow your audience. Consider purchasing followers, and Instagram likes by blastup.

Many people on the platform like engaging with business accounts with a large following and high engagement level. You can also connect with more people by commenting and liking other people’s accounts.

Feel free to tag other people in your comments. You can also help users find your content on the social media platform by using hashtags. Using relevant hashtags can make your business account get more noticed within a short duration, and it can help you increase your following.

If you don’t have an idea of the right hashtags to promote your business, start focusing on established brands in your niche and find out the hashtags they use. You can even come up with your own branded hashtags.

Sell products on the platform

Since Instagram introduced Shop Tab, businesses have been selling products directly through this platform. This gives customers a chance to discover different products that brands are selling and purchase them. You can come up with a product catalog connected to your business account. Ensure that the goods you sell comply with the commerce policies of Instagram.

Post consistently

You should also show your clients that you are a reliable brand. You can achieve this by posting content on Instagram consistently. If you are not always on the app, consider scheduling your posts using social media management tools. These can also allow you to take breaks from the app when you are dealing with other aspects of the business.