6 Things To Look For In A Solar Panel

A solar panel, when properly installed, can provide renewable energy to any commercial and residential property. It also offers countless benefits, such as reduced electricity bills, and is environment-friendly. However, like any other products on the market, not all solar panels are the same. 

Generally, solar panels vary in materials, installation and costs. Some may even use different solar inverters. So, before you invest in a solar panel, know the different options available for you and read review websites similar to Solar Run

Below are some of the things you should look for in a solar panel: 

  1. Type Of Panel 

Due to technological advances, people can now choose from a variety of solar panels. There are several types of solar panels available: thin film, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. 

  • Thin Film – It’s a new type of solar panel with an affordable price point and lightweight build, making it more flexible. However, unlike other solar panel types, it doesn’t have a high output. 
  • Monocrystalline – It’s considered as the most developed and efficient solar panel type. But it also tends to be more expensive due to its efficiency. 
  • Polycrystalline – Even if it isn’t as efficient as other solar panels, it’s still an attractive investment and a popular option for many people because of its affordability. 

Every solar panel type has its own pros and cons. When building an eco-friendly house, the best choice will depend on your needs or personal preferences. 

  1. Efficiency 

When it comes to solar panels, efficiency refers to the solar energy ratio that hits the panel surface to the module’s generated electrical energy. For instance, if solar panels capture most of the sun’s energy, the conversion efficiency is 50%. 

When choosing a solar panel, it’s best to settle for highly efficient solar panels. You can contact a long island solar company or a similar company anywhere else, and get more information about their solar panel efficiency. It’s because these can generate more electricity, allowing you to make the most out of your investment. The only downside with high-efficiency solar panels is that they tend to be expensive. 

  1. Temperature Tolerance 

Another thing to look for in solar panels is their temperature tolerance. It basically means the extent to which solar panels can function properly when exposed to the sun’s heat. 

While other solar panels can withstand extreme heat without experiencing reductions in performance, some panels may not work well when exposed to too much heat. To find the right solar panels for your unique needs, search for products with a high thermo-tolerance. 

These panels are developed to maintain optimal operating efficiency in hotter climates. Furthermore, they also enable you to maximise your solar system’s panel and enjoy more savings in the long run. 

  1. Quality 

Luckily, there are various ways to determine the panel’s quality. One of these is to read reviews online. 

By reading both positive and negative reviews of certain solar panels, you’ll get an idea of how those units last and whether or not they’re really efficient. You can also browse websites that offer comparison charts that’ll help you check the pricing and specifications of several known brands available in the market. 

Another way to check the quality of solar panels is to know the manufacturer’s position in a tier manufacturer list. When shopping around for solar panels, you may find a list that separates brands from one tier to another. Typically, the brands in tier one are considered the stronger companies in the solar panel industry. 

  1. Size 

Solar panels may differ widely. Typically, you can find solar panels with 60 or 72 cells. A 60-cell panel is suitable for smaller areas like on the dormer of a property’s roof. On the contrary, a 72-cell is bigger and fits in wide-open, large spaces like commercial buildings’ roofs. In addition, a 72-cell solar panel is more economical because it generates more electricity, unlike a 60-cell panel. 

  1. Price 

A solar panel is a huge investment, so choosing one wisely is crucial. Even if you think the priciest solar panels are the best, some may not meet your needs. You can’t also be sure about the cheapest panels, especially if the price is too good to be true. So, it’s critical to be careful when considering the costs of solar panels when shopping around. 

While the price is an essential consideration, never focus on this factor only. If possible, compare the pricing of every brand and opt for the manufacturer that offers a reasonable price. 


Whether or not it’s your first time going solar, it’s always crucial to be aware of the above things to look for in a solar panel. It’s a huge investment, and the endless options can make the selection process confusing. To avoid making a costly mistake, choose quality over price and never hesitate to ask for help from solar panel experts.