6 Clever Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

According to Forbes, more than a million burglaries take place in the US annually. Burglaries are emotionally traumatizing and costly for homeowners. As such, homeowners must take measures to attain optimal home security and protect their families and belongings. Below are six smart ways to secure your home to avoid the hefty cost of a potential break-in and get peace of mind.

1.     Install a Home Security System

While this measure seems basic, 75% of homes lack a home security system. A home security system enhances security by deterring burglars, lowering the risk to life and property, and calling for help when needed. There’re numerous home security systems in the market, ranging from video surveillance, PTZ camera, and motion detectors, and you can choose one that suits your home’s security needs and budget.

2.     Light Up the Landscape

Bad landscaping not only hurts your home’s curb appeal but also attracts potential thieves. It offers a good hiding place for intruders and maybe a subtle sign that a home is unoccupied. Keep intruders at bay with well-maintained landscaping and adequate outdoor lighting. Adding a few lighting features in your backyard, driveway, garage, and outdoor structures increases visibility for optimal security.

3.     Lock Your Garage

While most people invest in securing their homes, they overlook the garage. The garage offers an easy and often unsecured way to enter a home. Also, modern garages serve as storage, office, and entertainment areas with tons of valuable stuff. Always lock the garage door and windows to protect your home and belongings. If you have a smart garage, keep the security code secret and the door opener safe. 

4.     Get a Dog

While most people love dogs, intruders and burglars fear them. A dog adds an extra layer of protection to your property as a standalone measure or addition to your security system. Different dog types offer varying security levels in your home. A guard dog is ideal if you need a dog to protect and defend your home. German shepherds and rottweilers blend home protection and family friendliness to give you the best of both worlds. If getting a dog is not an option, a ‘Beware of dog’ sign on your property can go a long way to deter burglars.

5.     Reach Out to Neighbors

Getting acquainted with neighbors is an inexpensive way to enhance home security. A good neighbor will alert you or call the police when they notice any suspicious activity in your home. Also, a neighbor can watch your home and pick up any deliveries and packages when you are away from home. Intruders often look out for homes with piles of newspapers and promotional fliers on the front door, signaling that nobody is home. Rather than hide your home’s spare key under the doormat or flowerpot, you can leave it with a trusted neighbor.

6.     Beware of Casing Signs

Intruders and burglars are increasingly getting more intelligent. Before they break into a home, they research widely to know more about the target, increase potential gain, and decrease the chances of getting caught. Fortunately, you can outsmart burglars by watching for signs of casing like unfamiliar vehicles and strangers in the neighborhood, fishy stickers and fliers near your home, and unsolicited door knocks. Also, it is not uncommon to see strangers taking photos of your home.    

The last thing you want with this slow economy is your home burglarized and your valuables stolen. Luckily, securing a home is easy with the clever and effective strategies listed above. From investing in a home security system to installing outdoor lighting and getting a dog, you can keep your home and family safe and enjoy greater peace of mind.