5 Steps to Get Your House Rental-Ready

Renting out a property can be financially and personally rewarding, but the process of getting your house ready for the rental market can seem overwhelming. Making sure your Essex property looks attractive and ensuring it is safe and comfortable for tenants is a big job but one that ultimately pays off. You will maintain a higher rental yield and you’ll also keep the place pleasant for your tenants.

So, how do you start getting your property in Essex ready for rent? Here are a few simple tips for creating the best rental house you can.

1. Start in Advance

Once you have decided you have property to rent in Essex, it’s time to get moving on your rental-ready preparations. If you need to do any major renovations or works, plan these and get them completed well in advance of the move-in date for new tenants. It will be a nightmare if you are struggling to complete renovations while the tenants are signing for their new home. Start at least a few months in advance of your property coming onto the market so you give yourself enough time. 

2. Carry Out a Makeover

You want your property to immediately say, rent me! The house should be clean and in good condition. If you need to update the paintwork, do so. It is a good idea to refresh the décor if it is dated, although you do not have to go overboard and repaint if everything is in good condition already. Your aim is to present a neutrally decorated, clean and spacious property so tenants are immediately attracted to the space. If you are renting a furnished property, purchase some well-built, sturdy and neutral furniture. A well-maintained home will not only attract tenants, it will also inspire them to maintain the upkeep of your house over the months and years. 

3. Appeal to Your Tenants

You may have certain décor ideas and furniture that you love, but if it will not attract a general rental audience it is best to tone it down. Appeal to the average tenant, who wants a neutrally decorated home with simple styles of furniture and fittings. You don’t want to personalise the space as this can be off-putting for prospective tenants. 

4. Check For Necessary Repairs

Make sure that all the appliances are working and carry out any repairs as necessary. Your property should be safe and secure. No one wants to move into a house and discover the shower doesn’t turn on. Replace damaged fittings and fixings. Clean floors and carpets and repair any broken or loose boards. Make sure that you have all the legal requirements covered for renting out your home. This includes getting the relevant gas safety checks and installing devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

5. Do a Spring Clean

Go through the property and give it a thorough clean and do some gardening. If you don’t have time to do it, hire a professional cleaning company and landscapers to take on the job. Making your house hygienic, smart and safe is your aim and it will bring you rewards in your rental career.