5 Programs Offered by the Top Swim Schools Near Me

The reasons to invest in swim lessons or programs are too many to count. Research shows that swim lessons for children can help with the overall development. Swimming teaches social skills and improves motor skills like balance and depth perception.

And of course, swim lessons are fun! You can feel like an all-star parent by signing your child up for a swimming program in your area instead of plopping the little one down in front of the TV. When beginning your search for “swim schools near me”, start by thinking about your specific swim-related needs (or the needs of your child).

Before deciding on a specific swim program, you need to find one that is age appropriate, one that employs qualified swim teachers, and a swim program that has high ratings from fellow community members. Here are a few programs that should be offered by a swim school in your local area.

Baby/Toddler Classes Involving Parent

Many swim schools offer complimentary swim classes for infants and their parents. These classes won’t always be free of charge, but you should be able to find some in your area that is no cost to you (or at least low cost). Baby swim classes are meant for infants at least 12 weeks old up to 6 months.

The main focus of infant swim classes is not to teach your baby to swim, because let’s face it, that would be impossible. The goal is to set the foundation for swim safety at a young age, as well as provide a bonding experience between parent and child.

Private or Group Swim Lessons

Every swim school offers lessons, usually both group and private options, no matter your age or qualifications. It doesn’t matter if you are signing up your 8-year-old to learn swimming basics or you’re a 65-year-old hoping to refresh your skills. There should be a few levels of lessons to choose from based on age, skills and qualifications.

Introduction to Swim Team

Not every swim school will have a swim team, but the most reputable ones do. If your child is interested in attending swim practice on a daily or bi-daily basis, joining the swim team is a great idea. Some swim teams are more competitive than others, but there should be an option for a noncompetitive team that is just for fun.

Swim Team (with various age groups)

The next step up from the introductory swim team is the swim team itself. This will involve more of a commitment and can be extremely competitive depending on the level or age group. If swimming is something that your child is interested in pursuing, joining the swim team is your best bet. It will teach the 4 major strokes in depth and give your child complete knowledge of swimming pool safety.

Swim Parties and Events

One of the best ways to entertain a large group of children is to take them to a swimming pool. The top swim schools will act as host for birthday parties and other children’s events. The kids will be in safe hands with several licensed lifeguards watching over them.