5 Door Alternatives That Will Transform Your Home

Homes mostly have the same, stale doors from room to room. Are you ready for unique door alternatives? Click here for our top picks.

Designing the interior of your home goes much further than picking paint colors and rearranging furniture. Your doors can entirely change the aesthetic of any room!

It may seem difficult or unnecessary to change your doors, but this can prove beneficial for both functional and visual appeal. The vast number of options may even surprise you.

If you’re not sure which door alternatives are right for your home, keep reading for some of the most functional and visually pleasing options!

1. Louvre Door

Looking for something timeless and airy, louvered shutter doors are the way to go. Louvre doors are a staple in many cozy cottages and summer homes, thanks to their lightweight design.

These doors add texture and style to any space, whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, or office. Similarly, the shutter door design provides an elevated level of ventilation.

2. Barn Door

If you’re looking for an easy DIY project to enhance your home, a barn door is a way to go. Set on a track, a barn door slides back and forth, adding a simple and rustic touch to any room.

Not only are barn doors a great way to skip the stale swinging door, but it also doubles as a great space saver. Unlike regular hinged doors, barn doors hug the wall, saving a ton of space in your home.

3. Dutch Door

Dutch doors are an easy way to get the functionality of a traditional door, with an aesthetically pleasing twist. From rustic to modern, there so many different styles to choose from and all add character to your home!

Need a replacement door? Dutch doors resemble a regular door but are divided in half horizontally, allowing the bottom half to remain closed while the top is open.

4. Pivot Door

If you’re looking for a modern and sleek alternative, pivot doors are a great option. These 360-degree rotational doors can elevate any space as they add an abundance of class and sophistication.

These visually appealing doors aren’t just nice to look at, however. They offer a wide opening, making moving furniture a breeze. Pivot doors can also be soundproofed, proving an extra level of privacy in your home.

5. Curtains

If you’re looking to completely avoid any type of door, you can opt to hang curtains as a room divider and to provide a little privacy. Though they won’t be able to muffle sound as well as a door, curtains can fit into any style.

Curtains are very versatile, as they can easily be changed out to complement different moods and styles. Similarly, the patterns, colors, and materials offer a fun alternative to traditional hinged doors. 

Revamp Your Home With These Door Alternatives

Much like the wheel, it may seem impossible to reinvent a door. However, there are a ton of options to choose from to upgrade your interior!

Skip the same old hinged doors and opt for one of these great door alternatives to add character and class to any room in your home.

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