5 Advantages of Using Electric Tugs in Warehouse Operations

If you have used a gas-powered tug or tractor, you know how indoor air is easily fouled. Fortunately, indoor warehouse operations have seen the early adoption of electric-powered equipment to move, lift, and haul materials and products in recent years.

These five points will convince you if you have yet to convert your warehouse operations to electric-powered tugs.

First – Increased Operational Productivity

Electric-powered tugs improve productivity in several ways. They are quicker and more efficient than manual handling of materials and products. Workers take less time moving loads, freeing up time for other tasks. These tugs eliminate the need for crews to pull, push, and carry heavy loads manually. These activities contribute to injuries and fatigue that directly impact productivity.

An electric tug is highly maneuverable and comes in many configurations, from hand-operated to heavy-duty driven models. Navigation in congested areas is problematic; These tugs avoid obstacles with greater maneuverability.

These tugs are easy to operate, and electric-powered equipment is easily repaired and maintained. Training on this equipment is uncomplicated and quickly adds to the bottom line. Electric tow tugs are more reliable than traditional ones, which reduces downtime.

Second – Less Manual Handling

Electric-powered tugs reduce manual handling. Using tugs designed for the task means moving more materials. The result is more efficiency and more safety for the workforce. These tugs can move a variety of loads, including machinery, cart loads, and pallets.

Pushing and pulling heavy loads is arduous and time-consuming. Tugs are stronger than human labor, and with the variety of models, there is a tug for almost every task. Tugs can easily move heavy loads over long distances, and tugs easily move up and down ramps. The many tasks done by human labor will be reduced. Electric-powered tugs are a versatile, cost-effective material handling solution that reduces manual labor.

Third – Greater Safety

Electric-powered tugs, compared to traditional options, operate safely. Almost all tugs have emergency brakes and backup alarms. Many models can have low sound alarms when in motion to allow workers to know a tug is being operated nearby.

Other safety devices include sensors to alert operators before striking shelves or objects. Hand-operated tugs have handles that apply the brakes if the operator lets go. Other safety devices make electric-powered moving equipment safer.

Fourth – Less Environmental Impacts

Leaving fossil-fueled equipment behind has its advantages. First, with so much talk about climate change, companies that release less carbon earn praise from the public. Electric-powered tugs create zero emissions and generate less noise pollution when compared to traditional warehouse operations. Electric tow tugs create a better working environment, and reduced noise and exhaust make the warehouse a good neighbor.

Recycling electric tow tugs at the end of their service life is possible. Once dismantled, the remaining parts go to recyclers.

Gas-powered equipment, especially when used indoors, builds up interior pollution. For workers, this pollution is linked to health conditions. Ventilation systems have their limits. Pound for pound, electric-powered equipment uses less energy than gas-powered tugs. With electric tow tugs, energy consumption is reduced.

Fifth – Lowering Operating Costs

Electric tow tugs are cost-effective compared to traditional tugs. They don’t use fuel and have lower maintenance costs. These tugs also have longer service lives – that means lowered replacement costs.

The highest cost for most companies is labor. Electric-powered tugs allow one operator to handle more tasks. Crews become less needed, and the savings means more profit. Fuel is expensive, and prices will not likely go down, so savings become available when using electric tow tugs.

More Benefits of Electric Tugs

Because electric-powered tugs are smaller and versatile and can work in tighter spaces, making them more maneuverable, these tugs can turn in tight circles – turning around is possible and turning corners is easy.

These tugs come at a lower price compared to traditional tugs. With proven durability, tugs will take daily usage and need minimal servicing. Again, this adds to the bottom line.

Your Choice is Clear

Electric-powered tugs are by far superior to gas-powered ones. It is only a few years before gas prices will rise even higher as gas-powered motors and engines phase out. Warehouses are continuing to automate, and Electric-powered tugs are your next step.