4 Small Kitchen Updates That Are Worth the Cost

Small changes make a big impact, especially when it comes to kitchens. Read on to discover amazing small kitchen updates here.

You love everything about your new house except for one thing. You could make use of a few small kitchen updates. For one, the space is tiny. 

You don’t think you’re going to be able to do much with it. There’s also the fact that the paint isn’t doing the room any favors, and you’ve only got a single light fixture to work with. Gross! 

You can afford to make a few renovations, but which ones should you get? We’ve got a list for you to look at. Check out this guide for a few small kitchen update ideas that are more than worth the price. 

1. Downsize 

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, most of your ideas for updating a small kitchen should revolve around downsizing. Get rid of that clunky stove and replace it with a two-burner one. Opt for a smaller fridge. 

Tear out a few of your kitchen islands. If you don’t want to do that last one because you don’t want to reduce your prep space, buy a cart with a countertop. You can leave it in your pantry and wheel it out when you need it. 

To save on counter space, buy smaller appliances as well. If you must have your large microwave, blender, food processor, air fryer, pizza maker, and a waffle iron, find a place where you can store them when you’re not using them. The more you have on your counters, the smaller your space will appear. 

2. Tear Out Those Upper Cabinets 

Small kitchens and upper cabinets don’t mix. They’ll only box the room in and make it look smaller than it actually is. Most people can’t even reach what’s in them. 

Trust us, you’re better off hiring home remodeling contractors to take them out. You can replace them with some nice open shelves. That will open the space up, and you’ll be able to reach everything you need. 

3. Bring Glass Into the Mix 

Another way to make the room look larger is by bringing glass into the design. It allows you to see through objects which casts the illusion of space. 

You can also bring in a mirror or two. They reflect light around the room, making it look larger. 

4. Play Around With Your Lighting 

The kitchen is small. That means you only need one light, right? You would be wrong about that. 

It will increase the cost to update a small kitchen, but you need multiple light sources. Having a few pendant lights dangling from the ceiling will make things look a lot cozier. 

Cabinet and floor lights are a helpful addition as well and don’t forget about natural light. Having a large window will brighten up the space and add some ventilation. 

Small Kitchen Updates That Will Increase Your Home Value

Are you not thrilled with your current kitchen setup. Breathe some life into your space by making a few small kitchen updates. All it takes is adding in a little storage space and throwing in a few mirrors to make a huge difference. 

These aren’t the only renovations that you can do to make your house cozier. Check out the Real Estate & Home section of our blog for more updating ideas.