4 Shockingly Common Lawn Care Myths, Debunked


We know it sounds like a joke, but somehow the myth was started that fertilizing your lawn with beer leads to exception color and growth. However, you can’t always believe what you see on the internet. In truth, fertilizing your lawn with beer won’t do much except waste a lot of beer.

If you want to increase your curb appeal and perfect your lawn this year, be careful who you listen to. Following the wrong advice could result in negative consequences, wasted time, and poor investments. 

We’re here to separate fact from fiction. Keep reading for the top four lawn care myths you should stop believing today.

1. You Can Water Your Lawn At Any Time of Day

One of the most common lawn care myths people believe is that it doesn’t matter when you water your lawn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you water your lawn in the middle of the day while the sun is the hottest, the water will evaporate too quickly. This means the roots of your grass aren’t receiving nourishment.

Conversely, watering the lawn too late in the evening means not enough water will evaporate. Essentially, your grass will get too much water. Just as importantly, the excess moisture will lead to fungus and other undesirable plant growth.

The ideal time to water your lawn is early in the morning, between 4 am, and 10 am.

2. Cutting Your Grass Super Short Will Save You Time

Have you ever thought about cutting your grass extra short so you don’t have to mow again next week? It makes sense, right?


Cutting your grass too short is completely detrimental to the health and well-being of your lawn. The roots of the grass will become too exposed to the sun, which will kill the grass.

3. You Should Do Everything On Your Own to Save Money

Most homeowners like to try their hands at DIY maintenance and repairs, including lawn care. While there’s nothing with doing things on your own, it’s important to recognize your limitations.

You might not have the experience, know-how, or lawn care equipment necessary for the task at hand. In this case, visit Whenappearancematters.com to find a professional lawn care company that can help you get the job done right.

4. The More Fertilizer, the Better

Finally, fertilizer isn’t like ice cream. You shouldn’t apply the mentality that more is better.

Use fertilizer conservatively or hire lawn care services to do it for you. If you use too much, you can end up burning your lawn. Excess fertilizer can also compromise groundwater by running off or soaking into the soil.

On the flip side, don’t think that fertilizer is only for the summer. It’s also important for spring lawn care and fall lawn care.

Looking for More Lawn Care Tips?

DIY lawn care is not a bad thing. As a homeowner, it’s important to learn how to do things by yourself. Just avoid falling victim to the lawn care myths listed above, and don’t hesitate to call the professionals when necessary.

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