3 Tips on Purchasing CBD Online Safely for New Users

If you are considering using CBD, online stores can provide the right products if you know your sources. Here are tips for safely purchasing CBD online.

Once upon a time, online shopping was a novel experience. But, these days, more consumers are doing their buying online than in actual brick-and-mortar stores ā€” and this goes for everything from groceries and toiletries to electronics and furniture.

While online shopping is undoubtedly the new norm, there are still a few products out there people are hesitant to buy from a website. When it comes to purchasing CBD online, it can be tough to figure out what sites to trust or where to begin.

Are you ready to get shopping? Here are five must-have tips on how to safely buy CBD online.

1. Only Shop on Secure Sites

It’s the first lesson in online shopping 101: if the site’s not secure, do not give it your credit card info!

Figuring out whether a site is safe may sound like a hassle, but it’s as easy as typing in the web address. On most browsers, you can check to see if a site is secure by just looking at the address bar. If there’s a little closed or green padlock beside the URL, then the website you’re on is safe for shopping.

If you don’t see a lock, you can also check the site’s URL. If the web address starts with “https,” it’s secure, but if it begins with “http,” you may want to find a different online store.

2. Be Wary of Over the Top Benefits

Information security aside, another big hurdle to get over when buying CBD products online is figuring out which products are the real deal and which aren’t. Unless you know which brands and products you’re looking for ahead of time, figuring out who to trust can be a significant challenge.

One surefire way to spot a phony or even potentially dangerous product is by taking a look at the “benefits.” If a company is promising life-changing results from using their products but does not offer any lab results backing up the content of said products on their website, you should shop elsewhere.

Authentic CBD products can be beneficial ā€” you can find out more about their potential benefits here. But, untested and unproven products could lead to dangerous side effects, so make sure you always check the label and lab results before buying.

3. Shop Smaller

There’s a reason massive online retailers like Etsy and Amazon are so popular; they make online shopping convenient. You can find everything you could want or need on these sites, and they’re all just a few clicks away. That said, the sheer scale of online retailers, which is their greatest strength, can also be their downfall.

Because these sites act more as a go-between between consumers and brands, they don’t always check to ensure the products you’re ordering are up to snuff. So, when it comes to ordering supplements and medicinal items, you may want to give the big names a pass and buy direct instead.

Purchasing CBD Online the Safe Way

Now that you know a bit more about purchasing CBD online safely, it’s time to get shopping.

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