3 Reasons You Need Mobile Home Insurance


You’ve bought a mobile home and you love everything about it. You adore the compact size and you’re into the relatively lower cost – in short, it’s everything you’d hoped for and more. However, there’s just one problem:

Your friends, family, and distant acquaintances are telling you not to move in without mobile home insurance. 

But do you really need to take out insurance for a mobile home? Read on to see why taking out insurance on mobile homes is often the first piece of advice that new homeowners get. 

1. It Protects the Investment You’ve Made in Your Mobile Home

Nobody likes to imagine themselves being featured on the evening news after losing everything in a fire. But in the U.S. alone, the total cost of natural disaster-caused damages adds up to over $2 trillion since 1980. And while security systems and sturdy construction can do a lot in terms of home protection, you never know when a fire might break out or when your home might be vandalized by thieves. 

Losing your home is difficult in the best of times. But when you have mobile home insurance, you can reduce the financial strain involved with starting over.

2. It Covers Your Property

If you were to sit down and add up the total cost of your clothes, kitchenware, and electronics, chances are that it would cost you a few thousand dollars to replace it all on short notice. Sadly, if your home is being vandalized or destroyed by a tornado, your personal belongings are also likely to be damaged or destroyed.

Mobile home insurance coverage can extend to your personal belongings. This feature makes it a lot easier to rebuild your life in the aftermath of a worst-case scenario.

3. Insurance Can Protect You From Legal Costs

Let’s say that you’re entertaining guests. The grill is going, the music is bumping, and the kids are chasing the pets around the front yard. But just as you’re turning around to check on the food, suddenly you hear a scream and a thud.

Your heart sinks as the situation becomes clear. Your mean-spirited friend of a friend has tripped on your stairs and broken their ankle.

Of course, you don’t have to be a math whiz to know that legal bills and litigation are expensive. So much so that it’s impossible for people to take time off of work to attend court. The good news, however, is that the right mobile home insurance policy will be able to cover your legal expenses and judgment costs if someone is seriously hurt while visiting your property.

Looking for Peace of Mind? Take Out Mobile Home Insurance

Because nobody can predict the future, home insurance has long been considered a must-have for current and aspiring homeowners. And if you happen to own a mobile or manufactured home, mobile home insurance has a similar role to play. From legal costs to property value, these policies can ensure that you have the insurance coverage you need and deserve. 

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