3 Great Things About Living in Kentucky

No matter the reason you're relocating to Kentucky, you'll be happy to know it's a scenic place to live full of culture. Learn about living in Kentucky here.

Are you getting ready for your next big move?

If you’re in need of a serious change, why not try moving to The Bluegrass State? That’s right, we’re talking about living in Kentucky.

Kentucky is often near the bottom of people’s lists when it comes to desirable states, but there are several things that make moving to Kentucky appealing. We’re here to talk about it.

Keep reading to learn our top three favorite things about living in Kentucky.

1. Affordability

One of the top reasons that people consider moving to Kentucky is its affordability. Finding homes in 2022 is a challenge for people all over the world. The housing market is too high to make buying accessible for the majority of people.

Even renting is too expensive for many households. People are continuing to live with their parents or a lot of roommates just to make ends meet. If you’re ready to move out on your own, you need to make a change. 

While housing is rising everywhere, Kentucky still has options that are affordable for people in a wide variety of income brackets. Even if you choose to live in a larger city, you’ll find that houses are comparatively more affordable than houses in larger cities in other states. You’ll be able to get more bang for your buck. 

Take a look at this page to see if you can find your dream home in Kentucky.

2. Nearby Nature

While Kentucky might not boast the metro lifestyle that many younger people appreciate, it does have plenty of nature to offer its residents. You’ll never run out of outdoor things to do in Kentucky. 

There are state parks, national parks, lakes, and more. As long as the weather is good, you can head out into the wild and see some of the interesting flora and fauna that the state has to offer. 

Are you looking for a more structured natural outing? What about a visit to an arboretum or botanical garden? Regardless of what you like to do when you venture into the great outdoors, Kentucky has it covered.

3. Small Towns

Again, Kentucky doesn’t have much in the way of major cities. The Louisville metro area (the largest city in Kentucky) has just over 617,000 residents. The other cities and towns in Kentucky are much smaller (with the second largest, Lexington, having only half of the population of Louisville). 

Don’t fret. Small town life is often preferable to big city life, especially for people who are trying to raise families or who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of more populated metros.

In a small town, you can get to know your neighbors. You can visit farmers’ markets and town events without worrying about how hard it will be to find parking. 

You’ll know everyone! The quaint small-town experience isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds nice to you, Kentucky might be a perfect match. 

Is Living in Kentucky Right for You?

If you’ve never considered living in Kentucky before, now might be the time to start! 

Between the low cost of Kentucky real estate, the charming small towns, and the abundance of nature, Kentucky living can be sweet. Why not take a trip to The Bluegrass State to see if it’s right for you? 

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