3 Factors to Consider When Designing a Custom Home

We all have an idea in our heads of how our perfect home would look. You can make this dream a reality by choosing to begin the home-building process. Why buy a house that needs countless updating when you can start from scratch and create exactly what you’re looking for? 

While it can be a long and arduous task, designing a custom home is exciting, too. You have control over every aspect of the build so you can make it your dream home. 

Keep reading to find the top things to consider when building a custom home. 

1. Your Lifestyle

Do you work from home and need a quiet office to do your work? Are you a whiz with a kitchen knife dreaming of a full chef’s kitchen? Are you a movie or sports fanatic who needs a big-screen TV to watch?

Your home design should reflect the aspects of your personality that mean a lot to you. Building your own house gives you the chance to bring those parts of your lifestyle to, well, life. 

2. Home Alignment

One of the most important things to consider when building custom homes is the way it faces. You will have serious regrets if your living spaces face the wrong direction. This could cause a home that heats up fast in the summer and won’t warm up in the winter. 

Orientate the home so your bedrooms and living room face north. Doing so will result in the sun penetrating as many areas of your home as possible. 

Consider an east- or west-facing home if sunset and sunrise viewing are important to you. A west-facing home will see beautiful backyard sunrises. East-facing homes will be treated to stunning sunrises in the back. 

Consider the Chinese philosophy of feng shui. This philosophy states that the direction of your home and its furnishings can help you harness the best energy. Check out this feng shui direction chart for inspiration.

3. Non-Negotiable Bonuses

What rooms or features are absolute must-haves for your new home?

Do you want a room dedicated to your laundry machines and accessories? Do you have small children or grandchildren that you want to have their own playroom? Do you love to exercise and dream of your own home gym?

What kind of space do you want in your backyard? Do you love entertaining and imagining block party BBQs happening in your yard all summer long? 

Many modern homes feature master bedroom suites. These rooms often feature extra-large closets and luxurious bathrooms. If you’ve always dreamed of having your own jetted tub or walk-in shower, now’s your chance.

Make a list of all the non-negotiable bonuses you’d love and take them to your custom home builders. 

Enjoy the Designing a Custom Home Process

Designing a custom home will be one of the best things you’ll do for your family. Every inch of your house will have your personal touch on it. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

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